Social Awkwardness…I have it


You may not know this about me but I have some mild social anxiety issues…ok basically I’m a rock star at awkwardness.  I’m the person who says the wrong thing at the wrong time and then doesn’t know how to correct myself. I’m also the person that trips over my own shadow, so I’ve got clumsy and awkward going for me.   Just yesterday I smacked myself in the face with a hammer trying to remove pegboard off a wall.  If you can get past things like that and I know you’re perfectly fine with my social ineptness, we’re gonna get along great!  You’ll laugh, I’ll laugh and then we’ll both laugh…probably at me. Continue reading “Social Awkwardness…I have it”

Time for Change…

Some people hate it, change can be tough and scary and procrastinated over. When we’ve been doing the same thing out of habit, and no longer think about how it affects things in or around our life, it just feels comfy, like a warm cozy sweater wrapped around us and who doesn’t love that?!?


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