Toddler Time

My week in photo’s.  My little sassy pants granddaughter,  Livi, we sure had a good time!

I wish you could hear her laugh…so adorable!

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Little Humans

That little laugh is completely infectious.  The endless energy is mind-boggling.  The unfiltered joy is inspiring and the conversations are hilarious.   Continue reading “Little Humans”

Good morning!

We’re off to pick our grand daughter today, so I’m excited to get the day started!  She’ll be spending the week here with us and I have lots of fun in store for her.  Happy Sunday y’all

Come On Nene!

This is my grand daughter!  Livi Raye, my daughter came up with the name from a character she seen on the Hallmark channel.  She’s two and recently learned how to face time (video call for IPhones), which in it self amazes me. I mean, when  I was two I could barely operate a jack-in-the-box and here she is conquering technology!  By the time she’s five she’ll likely be Bill Gates’ assistant, geesh.
She calls me Nene (nee-nee), we don’t know where she picked that up from but it stuck so that’s what I am, her Nene. Okay, I secretly love that she came up with an original name for me other than grandma, who wouldn’t??


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