Toddler Time

My week in photo’s.  My little sassy pants granddaughter,  Livi, we sure had a good time!

I wish you could hear her laugh…so adorable!

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Things Toddlers Say…

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October 7th my granddaughter turned 3 years old. That’s all; just 3 very young years she’s been here in this world and already knows how to manipulate the adults in her life.  She’s also quite fluent in sarcasm and profanity, much to her parents disapproval.   Continue reading “Things Toddlers Say…”

Sweet and Sassy


img_1060She is everything good. Pure sweet innocence unburdened by hate. Continue reading “Sweet and Sassy”

Little Humans

That little laugh is completely infectious.  The endless energy is mind-boggling.  The unfiltered joy is inspiring and the conversations are hilarious.   Continue reading “Little Humans”

Country Wedding

There were a lot of different emotions coming to surface yesterday as my youngest got married exactly 8 months after my oldest.   Continue reading “Country Wedding”

Sunday Funday…

As I spend this week in Tennessee with my granddaughter, I came across this and thought it was a beautiful reminder of how to be right here, right now


And this is why I’m here, to spend time with this sassy pants angel!


Have a beautiful day!