Spring Time Tour

Today is going to be such a beautiful day here in Michigan (high 70’s), so I thought I’d show you around our 5 acre haven!  Plus lots of sunshine will put people in a great mood and we always need more of that. 

Our pond is almost 2 acres, which is in addition to the 5 we have, it’s so beautiful and peaceful

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My Sad Little Garden

I was a little overly zealous with my planting of vege’s and they all fought terribly against each other. Who knew plants were so territorial?!?   Continue reading “My Sad Little Garden”

Summer Growth

It’s not only my illegal rebel garden that has been growing!   Continue reading “Summer Growth”

My First Garden

It’s official…I’m a farmer.  I call myself the rebel farmer.  I went against the Home Owners Association and had a little garden put in, kinda makes me feel like a rebel!

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