Homemade Chalkboard (and the mistakes learned)

I’ve been thinkng about doing this for some time and I finally did it.  I took an old mirror no one wanted anymore and made it into a chalkboard.  It had such a pretty frame and the surface area is large enough to write in large letters. That’s for us old folks with bad eyes!


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Dear Winter


Dear Winter,

You had always been magical to me.  You had a rare beauty unrivaled by others and I remember fondly all the activities we’ve shared together over the years.  Snowball fights, ice skating, snowmobiling, snow angels, frozen fingers and toes.  As much as this pains me to say, I believe it’s best for me to see other seasons. Continue reading “Dear Winter”

Happiness Vs. Anger

img_2351I don’t know if this is a proven fact but it should be.  What does anger really do for us?  Think about that ’cause laughter is what really  make us feel better!

I stumbled across this quote scrolling through Pinterest,  I probably spend too much time there but I was looking for ideas to make a diaper cake for my niece.  Anyway, this quote just struck me like a 2×4 across the head.

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Am I Old Fashioned or Just Old?

Sometimes I long for a simpler life with less technology, where staying busy isn’t needed or necessary.  Where its okay to be bored or just do one task at a time.  I wonder if this will ever come back around to being the norm.  Maybe I’m an old-fashioned woman for thinkin’ that way.  I know it’s very rare as these things just don’t happen anymore but just maybe the world will get tired of being busy someday.

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Settling, Simplicity and Stuff

I need some curtains and pictures hung in the living room

It took two 28 foot trucks, 4 movers and several pick up truck loads to get all of our “stuff” into the new house!  Holy Moly, did we ever have a lot of stuff!  Maybe we have too much stuff. Continue reading “Settling, Simplicity and Stuff”

Thoughts on Being Sick

I think the worst thing about being sick when you’re a woman is…being a woman.  People just expect you to continue on like you’re not sick.  Men, on the other hand, get to actually be sick and have some type of recovery time.



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Santa’s Day of Rest


I picture Santa (wink, wink) waking up after a long night of work, relaxing with a hot cup of coffee before he hits it hard again for the next year.

Merry Christmas and God Bless to all of you!