To Grey or not to Grey

I’m conflicted about this.  Why does grey hair get such a bad rap, especially for women?  Half of me wants to let the natural grey shine through and the other half of me wants to keep it hidden.  My natural color isn’t even grey, it’s white.  I have white hair, like half my head is white, why do I keep trying to deny it’s shimmery splendor? Continue reading “To Grey or not to Grey”

Farm Table Update

Well we finally finished the farm table and it looks great!  I wanted to show you a picture of it in our dining room but I couldn’t wait to share this.  We’ve never built anything like this before but we did it anyway.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right – Henry Ford

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50th Birthday & Crafty Projects

I told myself this number wouldn’t bother me, in fact I wanted and looked forward to celebrating it.  I was excited for February 5th to be here cause there were times when I was younger I didn’t think I’d make it to 50, so let’s celebrate!!!

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DIY Farmhouse Table

Empty dining room or new play room for the dogs

When we decide we’re gonna do it ourselves, there really is no stoppin’ us!  Continue reading “DIY Farmhouse Table”

Homemade Chalkboard (and the mistakes learned)

I’ve been thinkng about doing this for some time and I finally did it.  I took an old mirror no one wanted anymore and made it into a chalkboard.  It had such a pretty frame and the surface area is large enough to write in large letters. That’s for us old folks with bad eyes!


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Dear Winter


Dear Winter,

You had always been magical to me.  You had a rare beauty unrivaled by others and I remember fondly all the activities we’ve shared together over the years.  Snowball fights, ice skating, snowmobiling, snow angels, frozen fingers and toes.  As much as this pains me to say, I believe it’s best for me to see other seasons. Continue reading “Dear Winter”

Happiness Vs. Anger

img_2351I don’t know if this is a proven fact but it should be.  What does anger really do for us?  Think about that ’cause laughter is what really  make us feel better!

I stumbled across this quote scrolling through Pinterest,  I probably spend too much time there but I was looking for ideas to make a diaper cake for my niece.  Anyway, this quote just struck me like a 2×4 across the head.

How does 60 seconds have such a powerful effect on us? Continue reading “Happiness Vs. Anger”