Michigan Weather (insert eye roll)

I’m a little sad and frustrated with our Michigan weather lately.  My garden had to be put on hold, and let’s face it, we don’t exactly have very long summers here (eye roll happening).  

Our spring has been more like fall.  We’ve had some really nice days were it gets in the low 70’s (and everyone’s happy)  and then BAM…right back down into the 40’s or 50’s.  Lately we’ve been getting freeze warnings and one of the trees, we just planted, couldn’t handle Michigan’s bi-polar seasonal temperatures.  It was the willow tree from an old neighbor.

I took a branch cutting from his giant, enormous and beautiful tree last spring and placed it lovingly into a cup of water (to grow roots) and kept it alive for a year.  After it established a strong root system, I planted it in a pot with dirt and kept it watered.  Of course, the same day we planted it outside in its new home we got hit with frost and have been getting frosty nights several times since then.  I don’t think it’s gonna survive but if it does, it’s gonna be a miracle tree!

I’ve been seeing lots of southerners (on my Facebook feed) with their shorts on,  enjoying fantastic weather.  A relaxin’ day at the beach, nights out on a patio with a little fire glowing or riding out a lazy day on their boat and I’m jealous.  I wish the whole world could enjoy the same consistent warm temps, ya know not to hot and not to cold.  Why do I live in a state where we only have, at best, 3 months of warm weather?  I must be getting old because I am not fond of cooler temps anymore.

I haven’t even been able to work on my furniture unless I bring it in the house.  My work space isn’t heated (yet) so that’s all been on hold too.  I did bring in my little desk to finish up and I created a page on Facebook to showcase and sell my restored furniture, it’s called…Lovely Home by Aimee.  If you’re having crappy weather and are stuck inside go check it out and let me know what ya think.  ( I could use the feed back)

Where ever you are, I hope you’re enjoying lots of warm weather.  Just bein’ nosey, how many months of warm weather do you get?



20 thoughts on “Michigan Weather (insert eye roll)

  1. LOL – your post made me giggle. I hope your miracle tree survives! I live in Alaska….so I’m not sure it ever qualifies as “warm”, especially not if Michigan’s weather is like where I grew up in Wisconsin. We live in a temperate area of Alaska, so it doesn’t get that cold, either. But…we have a LOT of light in the summer! Plants have a short number of weeks to grow, but they have 24 hours of light to do it, so that go crazy once they start. 😀

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    1. 😊 It’s not looking good for my tree but there’s always more where that came from.
      Alaska…amazing! I’ve only seen pictures so I’m hoping it’s as beautiful as it looks. I’ve always thought of Alaska as either really cold or somewhat cold. I would imagine it takes a little time to get use to the always sunny and then the always dark phases. What took you to Alaska?


      1. Alaska is more beautiful than any photo can show! It is truly amazing. Interior Alaska is cold like people think, but on the flip side, they also are in the 80s in the summer. Homer gets into the upper 60s (even low 70s up on the bluff) in the summer, but winters usually hover right around freezing. Lots of melt/freeze, and often a rain storm will follow a beautiful snow! So, lots of ICE. Yes – it does take time to get used to the light! For me, not so much the darkness, because there is still 8 hours of light and the light quality is breathtaking. What brought us here? We wanted to! Hubby and I separately had long wanted to try it out, and decided to take the plunge when we started a family. It is an amazing place to have the kids. 😀


  2. I will have to wander on over to your FB page! We finally had a few beautiful days over here in Iowa. Last week it snowed and this week we had 80’s one day……huge eyeroll on our weather! I hope your willow makes it. Sometimes those trees are pretty hardy.

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  3. Indiana has gotten lots of warm weather throughout the last couple of months. But like yours, it comes and goes. I don’t step into a pair of shorts until the weather is at least 80 degrees. Then it has to show some consistency. It has rained a lot however. My backyard [excluding the fake flowers] looks very nice, which I simply love with my eyes from my perch at the kitchen counter. I feared for the life of several “real” bushes I planted late last summer. I thought the winter might give them a blast or two. It didn’t come in the form that most Hoosiers expect, so they survived.

    Here’s hoping your weather improves. That way you can happily get on with your Spring planting and such. There’s no rhyme or reason for the weather being what it is; unless Global Warming is more than another fancy phrase. We have to work around what we’re given, and be grateful we don’t live in an area that floods to the rooftops, covers our precious belongings with lava, shakes us silly, or blows us off to see the wizard. Highest and Best!

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  4. In northern UK, we had a lovely warm sunny week recently and my hb planted some sweetpeas. An overnight fall of snow killed them dead! After a very wet early spring, the garden is now in dire need of some rain after prolonged windy and cold weather. The sun has been shining a bit but the air and the winds are bitterly cold. No shorts yet!

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  5. That’s the weather we’re getting here in Nova Scotia. Except it’s been raining for the past 5 days. I’ve started collecting wood for the Ark. Cold, too. Can’t to be able to go in shorts and flip flops to the beach!

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    1. Hello Nova Scotia! I guess we’re in the same “boat”, don’t forget you’re life jacket. If you don’t get your Ark done, I have an over sized inflatable rubber duck that fits two adults. Let me know if you need to borrow it.
      Does flip flop season last very long for you?

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