Spring Time Tour

Today is going to be such a beautiful day here in Michigan (high 70’s), so I thought I’d show you around our 5 acre haven!  Plus lots of sunshine will put people in a great mood and we always need more of that. 

Our pond is almost 2 acres, which is in addition to the 5 we have, it’s so beautiful and peaceful

We planted 6 trees last weekend, 2 apple, 2 cherry an almond and a willow.  We’re gonna have to share those with the deer and other critters we have around here.

I believe this is an ornamental cherry tree gettin’ ready to bloom


This looks like a great place for a hammock for afternoon naps this summer
My husband is in love with all the trees we have around, not only do they look good in the spring but they have beautiful colors in the fall too.
For some reason my dog, Ruby, thinks these are snacks for her, or she’s just trying to pick flowers for me, I’m not sure which
I got this willow branch from an old neighbor and planted it in our back yard.  I really hope it takes off out by the pond.  Fingers crossed! 
We had a lot of reeds growing up around the pond so my husband found an easy way to eliminate those…a slow burn
Ruby and Sparky in complete harmony
I’ve always loved dandelions,  I love yellow and the honey bees they bring.  I even love how the yard is dotted with pops of color.  I don’t see them as weeds at all.  We need these for the bees
Found this hiding in the fence line.  I don’t know how long it’s been in hiding but someone missed out on a buck!
Yep, we have an old abandoned horse trailer left on the property too.  There are lots of props for some beautiful photo shoots around here.
What?? A couple of horse stables…I really should consider getting horses
I never thought I’d be excited to have a rototiller, but I am! 
Theres Scott gettin’ the area ready for the garden we’ll be putting in
Tennis anyone?  I haven’t played since I was a kid, guess I’ll have to give it a try
Don’t ya love how the sun peeks through the trees?

So that’s our property we left the city for and we couldn’t be happier about it.

And now as promise a photo of the finished dresser from last week.

Here’s the before, in case you forgot
Taa-dahhh.  It will never chip or peel again cause I used a wood stain to re-finish instead of paint


I’m calling this, “Blue on Black”

I’m totally in love with this and just know it will make a beautiful statement piece for whoever ends up with it.

Next week, I’m hoping that I have the garden ready and plants ready to be planted.  It’s gonna be so much better than my little rebel garden I had in the old place.


13 thoughts on “Spring Time Tour

  1. I love your new place!!! My husband was lusting for the pond lol. Keep me posted on your gardening….yes a wonderful improvement over the rebel garden. And yes…..tell Scott those trees are absolutely the best! I love trees.
    That dresser is beautiful. Is that a blackish stain?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊. I restained the dresser with an Ocean blue and then used a black glaze over that. I love how it looks.
      We love our new place too and I spend lots of time out by the pond just thinkin and relaxin. If you and your husband ever make a trip to Michigan he can see it up close and personal! BTW, I was given a rhubarb planting and will have one of those planted in my garden.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well…hello opportunity! Your new place looks like it’s going to provide your faithful WordPress readers with lots more images. You’ll probably have something to show year round. I suspect you have a number of very creative bones in your body. I really do like the dresser. Are you actually going to sell this gem?

    Horses would be nice. You and your husband could go hog wild if you wanted to [giggle]. Chickens even. Your beautiful sky and trees, etc. hold no bounds. Congrats!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Confession: the swans are concrete. I really wanted live ones but heard they were just as mean as geese so I decided theses would look just as pretty.
      Snow?? Hail?? Cold?? Ugh, I feel bad for you. Hopefully it won’t last long.

      Liked by 1 person

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