Thrift Store Makeovers (and other surprises)

I can’t believe how nice these turned out!  I love a good bargain and thrift store shopping provides plenty of that. Maybe I need to re-name my blog to Thrifty Fifty’s…hmmm. I found an old 70’s style end table and a small solid wood dresser that needed to be re-loved and who better to do that than little ol’ me?  Both pieces cost $45.00, that made me happy!

I really liked the pattern on this end table door and ya just can’t find unique pieces brand new any more, without it costing a small fortune.  So I took it to my workshop.

I had a specific look in mind when I started this but like always, the furniture kinda lets me know which direction it wants to go in.

I started layering the colors on the outside, gray, brown, white, turquoise and then brown again until it turned into the weathered look it has now.  I wanted a surprise of color on the inside so I mixed it up a bit and blended some Unicorn Spit (what a silly and fun name).  In case you don’t know what that is…it’s a gel staining glaze that’s water based and non-toxic.  Anyway, I blended together a blue, green and turquoise trying to re-create the waters from Jamaica and put that on the inside.  Turned out very pretty!

I’m fond of the older tables because of their larger sizes and ability to store lots of goodies!

Next up was the small dresser my mother-in-law requested.  To my surprise she wanted me to surprise her with the finish…fun, fun, fun.  I did try to keep her style in mind and asked her questions about where it was going and what size she required for her space.

So here it is, a simple 4 drawer wooden dresser about 4 foot tall

I sanded all the old finish off, right down to bare wood.  The dresser was in great shape and didn’t need any repairs of any kind, ya gotta love that!  I decided to use a gray wood stain and then applied a white wash over the stain to mute the color even more.

IMG_3027It turned out super cool and I love that you can still see the wood underneath.  The stain was a pearl gray and has a cool blue undertone to it.  I know it’s hard to see in the photo so here’s a close up.

IMG_3031Next I added a stencil on just the top drawer and painted new hardware in a silver metallic.  Put it all together and it turned out to have a beachy vibe to it, which is super cool and relaxing, at least  I think so.

I love it so much I hate to see it go, but at least I’ll be able to visit it

I always seal any furniture I restore so the finish doesn’t get affected by anything placed on it.  And I almost always use a poly acrylic sealer…almost.  Okay most of the time it’s my go to only because polyurethane scares me and doesn’t smell good at all.

I have another 8 drawer dresser I just started working on, this one is a mess.  It’s a mahogany dresser with black paint over it.  Guess I’ll be stripping this week, I mean not me, I’ll be stripping paint off the dresser silly.

Next week…hoping to have some progress to show you on the dresser.

By the way, did I mention both my children are having babies this year?  My son and his wife are expecting their first in August and my daughter and her husband are having their second in October.  Two new babies this year!  I am way beyond excited and so very blessed.


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