To Grey or not to Grey

I’m conflicted about this.  Why does grey hair get such a bad rap, especially for women?  Half of me wants to let the natural grey shine through and the other half of me wants to keep it hidden.  My natural color isn’t even grey, it’s white.  I have white hair, like half my head is white, why do I keep trying to deny it’s shimmery splendor?img_2666  Can ya see that in the picture?  I have about an inch and a half  of the glittery strands showing through.  I’m really curious how I would look with it all natural.  And no I don’t want to  chop it all off to start fresh.  I just don’t like super short hair on myself.

I’ve tried this “growing out process” last year and didn’t make it very far before getting out the hair dye again.  Here’s the thing…it’s hard to re-color hair that has no color in it and the constant maintenance of it is getting ridiculous for me.

I know what my options are and I think I’m gonna let it slowly grow out.  In the meantime, I have all these different colors for everyone to stare at, and that’s what people do.

It’s so glaringly obvious that I color my hair right after the first week of having it colored.  Ya know when it starts growing out and people look at your hair-line when you talk to them.  I mean, when you’re younger they stare at your boobs and when you’re older it’s the hair-line that gets all the attention.  Geesh!

I blame the media, advertisers and marketing agents for making grey hair so distasteful for women.  I got my first grey hair right after having my first baby…at 23.  That just seems wrong but it happened waaaaaay back then.  Maybe it’s not as bad as it use to be, now that young ladies are purposely coloring their hair grey or silver but still; when a woman gets a makeover on a show, one of the first things they want to do is color her hair.

I want to embrace the natural colors in my hair.  I want the beauty of aging to shine through and break the ridiculous barriers that the media portrays of it.  If its okay for men to age ( and even look better with age) then the same is and should be true for women.  Have ya noticed that the anti-aging products are geared towards women?  There’s probably more than one reason for it.

I’m gonna need a little support and encouragement to let this play out…or should I say “grow out”.  Has anyone else gone through the process to stop coloring your hair cold turkey?  I’d love to hear from you.

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27 thoughts on “To Grey or not to Grey

  1. I never colored my hair so it is white/blondish and whatever else is left of color in there. (It used to have a red tinge to it but I think that might be long gone).
    I laughed out loud about the looking at your boobs comment. Look on the bright side….if you let your hair go gray – no hair line – they might start looking at your boobs again bwhahahahahaha.
    Give the white/gray a whirl. If you absolutely hate it you can always color it again. I have a feeling you would find out it is so handy not to color it. Plus my niece (who is a beautician) told me some young women are coloring their hair the same color I have!!!

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    1. Yeah, it’s just hair and doesn’t define who I am. There’s a part of me that wishes I would have never started coloring it to begin with. I have a feeling I’m gonna enjoy the natural elegance of it though. I really like your hair color it compliments your skin color quite nicely. Looking good Faye!

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    1. I think everyone should stick with what makes them the happiest! I’ve colored mine most of my life but for the past 2 years it has been a source of internal conflict for me and now when I color it I feel like I’m only doing it just to make others happy. That’s not the right reason anymore if ya know what I mean 😊.

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  2. I found my first grey hairs age 18. By the time I was 27, I had grey streaks at the temple and sides. It didn’t really bother me. Sometimes I would use a temporary shampoo-in colour, just a shade or so different from the dark brown, to add a little chestnut colour, not because I hated the grey, just to pamper myself, don’t soemthing different, but it started looking orange on the grey bits and I stopped when I was 36. People comment all the time about my hair colour, I have been lucky in the shades it grew into.
    My sister-in-law died her hair until about 18 months ago. I had never seen a grey hair, but she was tired of it and concerned about the chemicals.She decided that when she became a grandmother she would let it grow out. She was extremely brave because it was dyed very dark and the contrast as it frew out and was replaced by grey and then white was stark. It took a year and now it looks stunning.
    Our complexion changes tone as we grow older and so trying to maintain a darker hair colour will not work, it won’t match the new skin tone and will usually make us look older.
    And then of course there is not only the cost and time but the dangerous chemicals which are absorbed through our scalp. A friend who developed lyphoma was told by her doctor to stop dyeing her hair and she went from black to grey almost overnight, she already had short hair so it didn’t take long and it really suits her.
    You can do it! 😊

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    1. Thank you for your support! Is it still just the little bits of grey that you have? I’m sure it will take me about a year to have this all grow out as well and hoping I’m as lucky as your sis-in-law that it turns out stunning. I didn’t even think about the chemical side of it but that just adds another reason to stop coloring it for me.

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  3. you can always get low lights. that is adding a bit of dark to the white part so it blends more naturally while it is growing out. I went totally natural about seven years ago. I had been coloring for donkey’s years and realized I looked older right after coloring. Shocked me into leaving it alone for a bit. I ended up frosting it so there would be a less obvious hairline. then after six months I cut the old off and was left with the new and sparkling snow white. I now look younger than I di while coloring it and get compliments amuses me now to be asked “what product do you use to get that color?” and I can say “God gave it to me! lol

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    1. Ahh I love it! “What product do you use?” I can only imagine the look on their faces when you tell them it’s totally natural.
      I have also noticed the darker my hair color or even my makeup, for that matter, tends to make me look older than I am. So if lighter colors now look better on me then I should be able to rock grey/white hair, lol.


  4. Oooh my goodness, I could have written this! I used to colour my hair all my life. I’ve been all colours, blonde, mid brown, red, blonde again…. But now I’m totally grey! I found when I was abroad that the colour just faded in the sun and tended to go a horrid shade of light blonde. I could stand it no longer. I still got the regrowth, but I kept cutting my hair shorter and in a short time all the blonde was gone. But now I’m a totally white curly haired woman, I look just like how I remember my nana. But I hate my hair. I really do. Although other people are kind and say it’s a lovely colour. I’m so tempted to have a go and colour it again. I know I would feel so much better about myself. But then you have to keep on doing it – I’d hate to go through all that growing out period. I even have boxes of hair colour on my bathroom shelf…. I’m so tempted! But it’s much easier to just be grey…..

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    1. Have you tried the temporary color that washes out after a month or so of shampooing? I’ve considered that as I let this grow out just so I don’t have that white section on the top of my head. From far away it looks like I have a bald spot, not appealing at all.


  5. I color my hair, and I do this because I know I am not totally gray. My husband’s head is totally gray, and he looks distinguished. I don’t. I color mine blond, and leave it on 25 minutes or less. This way what shines, shows, and what glows does. I don’t ever leave the color on for an hour, or 45 minutes. I wash it in the color, and leave it on and rinse it out within the 25 minutes. Blonde adds light. I a naturally brown-haired green-eyed girl. I tried going back to brown, and it didn’t carry the weight of the blonde. I was born a blonde, so I returned to it. This is my story. Thank you for all your writings. I read every word.

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    1. Aww thanks for your comments. I was born blonde as well and had my hair that color for a while and loved it. It blended nicely with the white in front but not so much with the darker color I have in the back. I’m sure your hair looks beautiful any color you choose it to be!

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      1. Thank you. Leaving the color on 15 minutes, and to the most 25 instead of 45 means that it is softer, and not harsh at first. I believe the blonde wakes me up, and makes me happier. Smile. I have no idea how much gray I have, but I don’t want to go gray. So I insist on adding the color, and people have to take what they get. I put it on myself, so I decide the timing. The last beautician left brown on my hair for 45 minutes. She checked, but it looked aweful. I never asked a pro to do it again. We learn from our mistakes. Smile.

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  6. I think you should bite the bullet because I hear so many women talking about the expense of getting one’s hair colored at a salon or not liking the first couple of weeks after home coloring. I wonder if it would work if a salon put white streaks in your hair to blend with the new color coming in. Gray hair is actually quite popular now, I think. Even young people are having their hair dyed gray. I see all sorts of women come into my shop with gorgeous white and gray hair. I’m letting mine grow in without dying but it is bob length so it isn’t that dramatic. The gray hair is predominantly in the front. I want to tell you that a woman came into my shop last weekend with long hair past HER KNEES. The top was white, the middle gray and the bottom was dark blonde. At least a foot and a half was dark blonde. It was OMBRE! I thought it was very cool, like a statement to her history. I loved it and it was quite stunning. She said she was “tired” of its length which just goes to show that everyone gets tired of their hair.

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    1. Ohh, a fellow “grower outer”…it won’t take nearly as long for you with a bob cut. Cheers to us!
      Hair past her knees…wow that would be a lot to take care of but I’ll bet each section has interesting stories with it. Like you said “statement to her history”.
      If I would have left my hair alone last year it would probably be all grown out by now…so here I go again 😊

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