50th Birthday & Crafty Projects

I told myself this number wouldn’t bother me, in fact I wanted and looked forward to celebrating it.  I was excited for February 5th to be here cause there were times when I was younger I didn’t think I’d make it to 50, so let’s celebrate!!!

My only request for surviving 18,262 days was to be able to celebrate with my children, who both live in Tennessee.  (ok secretly, I was hoping for a big blow out party with the news crew or Pope, maybe even a marching band, none of which happened and disappointment ensued)  I made arrangements to get myself, my husband and my bonus-daughter down to good ol TN.  My daughter’s birthday is two days before mine, February 3rd, (which is the day we arrived in TN) so we turned this into a weekend birthday celebration.  Nothing wild, just dinner, hockey game and good times with the kids.  Maybe next year I’ll get that marching band!

I’ve also been working on a couple of projects this past week.  I tell ya, I’ve been doing whatever I can to keep myself busy through all this cold, grey and rainy/snowy winter we’ve been having here in Michigan.

I made a tribal diaper cake for my nieces baby shower, (my husband thought I was gonna put frosting over the diapers, silly man).   I think it’s kinda cool she’s giving her baby my sister and my mom’s middle names.  Everyone names the baby boys after dads or grand dads but rarely ever do the baby girls get named after moms or grandma’s.  Cheers to baby Jane Renee Lynn!



I’ve also been trying to get my denim patchwork quilt done.  Anytime someone wanted to throw out a pair of jeans I’d holler,  “Noooo, I need those!”  It took me more time to cut out the perfect little squares than it did to save up enough pairs and sew them all together. It only took one day to sew the denim and velvet pieces together and  I really like how the black burnt out velvet looks next to the denim.  I cut all the velvet out from one large piece of material and finished the back with some super  duper soft and lightweight fleece.  All of that cutting took a really long time, like months to do cause my RA doesn’t like it when I attempt things like that.  RA you can kiss my patootie!  Anyway, taa-dahh, here it is.   It should be great for picnics in the warmer weather!  Anyone else ready for warm weather and sunshine?  I miss it so much.


Five more weeks until day light savings begins again and we can have some longer days and six more weeks until Spring.  I think I can make it, I think I can, I think I can, I thinnnnk I cannnn, phewwww, maybe!   What do you do to avoid the winter blues?


18 thoughts on “50th Birthday & Crafty Projects

  1. Happy birthday!!! Same day you turned 50, somewhere else in the world my sister turned 18 🙂 both are quite rebellious ages if you ask me. You’re only as old as you feel inside and I am sure “twenties” is about how you feel right now 😉 Happy birthday once again and I absolutely love how the quilt turned out (I really want to learn to use the sewing machine to learn some quilting too)

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    1. Thank you. Someone said, I feel like I’m in my 30’s until I hang out with people in their 30’s and then I know for sure I feel like 50 or something like that. It’s pretty accurate.
      Check out videos on YouTube, you can learn just about anything on there. That’s how I taught myself how to crochet, which I soon realized I didn’t like at all. Happy birthday to your sister, that’s an exciting age!

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  2. A very happy Birthday to you … it came finally. Feel good about it.I can’t wait for warmth and more sunshine … not that grey, dull cold weather we have recently. We willllllllll make it! 🙂

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  3. Happy happy birthday!! I hope you do get our marching band next year. I love your blue jean quilt. I have boxes of jeans and need to start cutting squares. Did you tie the front and back together or quilt them together?
    I have been crocheting a baby blanket as I have nieces that are beginning to have babies. I like to always have one on hand.

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    1. Thank you and congrats to you on starting your blog! I think on all the big ones…30, 40 and now 50…I have a tendency to go through some type of metamorphosis where I re-evaluate everything in my life and start my priority list all over. So cheers to 50 and new adventures!!

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