DIY Farmhouse Table

Empty dining room or new play room for the dogs

When we decide we’re gonna do it ourselves, there really is no stoppin’ us! We got rid of our little 4 person hi-top dining table and opted to have a much bigger one for our new home.  A table large enough for everyone to sit around (together) when we host holiday parties.  So currently, we don’t have a table…nothin’ to gather round unless we sit Indian style on the floor (and hey that could be fun).

If you’ve been shopping for tables lately, you’ll know just how ridiculously over priced they are and how cheap the material can be.  I did find an extra-large,  solid wood farmhouse table (with all 8 chairs) at the Salvation Army for $80.00.  I should’ve snatched it up when I seen it ’cause when I went back for it…yep, it was gone and as much as I shop there I should’ve know better.  So we decided to make our own, I’ve never made a piece of furniture (I only re-finish) but my husband has some experience.

We spent one weekend deciding on how we wanted it to look, another weekend shuffling through salvaged wood from a reclaimed lumber yard and one weekend planing and sanding the rescued wood.

This past weekend was spent cutting to length and dry fitting the table legs together.  I gotta say I really love the rustic look of the wood and how beat up it is.  It has a special kinda beauty and simplicity to it and I wonder what it was used for in the past, ’cause ya never really know.  It could’ve come from a church, a barn or maybe an old building.  I love the mystery of it!

I also love knowing that I won’t have to worry about scratches, dents, dings or messing up the finish.  It’s already a beautiful mess.  I’m not exactly sure what my design style is or what it would be called but I love taking the old and mixing it in with the new.  I’ve always wanted to live in an old farmhouse and try to incorporate that into my home as well.   I guess I got a lot goin’ on with my own unique style…a modern antique farmhouse???  I believe in less is more and the keep is simple approach.

We’ve got a good start on this project, mostly done by Scott, I come up with design and he does the labor (adding his own style along the way).  We’re not only building a table but we’re building memories as well.  And I guess that’s the best part of being on a team and having someone to share things with…the memories made in this journey of life.


20 thoughts on “DIY Farmhouse Table

  1. Nice, I am all for this kind of projects and love reclaimed wood. Last fall I commenced doing a much smaller version of tabletop myself (haven’t finished yet, I am waiting for spring to come) so I am looking forward to see your table finished. Nice blog!

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  2. I cannot wait to see the finished table. The base is so cool. I love reusing and repurposing things. The lights in our dining area and over our counter are school house fixtures from a school 10 miles from us that they took down several years ago.
    Keep letting us see your projects. I love it!

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    1. I’ll bet your lights look fantastic. Me and you are on the same page when it comes to reusing items or giving them a second chance at life with a new purpose.
      I’ll keep sharing my projects just as soon as I can, I have several waiting. Scott has taken over my work space to get this table done, I think a couple more weekends and it should be finished!

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    1. Thanks. No chairs yet but I’m looking at thrift stores to find some. Hoping to have those before the table is done just in case they need some re-finishing. We’re building a custom bench for one side of the table.

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    1. You’re right, now we have a story to tell with creating this. It’s also kinda like putting a puzzle together so patience is needed. It’s amazing how much more care and tenderness is used when we create something with our own hands, I guess it’s the pride taken in knowing we did it ourselves.

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