Happiness Vs. Anger

img_2351I don’t know if this is a proven fact but it should be.  What does anger really do for us?  Think about that ’cause laughter is what really  make us feel better!

I stumbled across this quote scrolling through Pinterest,  I probably spend too much time there but I was looking for ideas to make a diaper cake for my niece.  Anyway, this quote just struck me like a 2×4 across the head.

How does 60 seconds have such a powerful effect on us?

I was reading an article by Gerald Rogers and how his divorce impacted his life, basically it was marriage advice through the eyes of a divorced man and what he could have/should have done differently.  My husband was out-of-town and had been to a seminar by the co-founder of Life is Good, a company dedicated to spreading optimism.  We were about 2, 400 miles apart and were simultaneously having the same thing happen to us.  Ya know, those Aha moments.

Number 7 on Gerald’s list struck me, is was about anger.  For me, it was a reminder that no one has the ability to make us angry other than ourselves.  Just because someone else is being critical or calling us names or just plain being mean doesn’t mean we need to react with anger.  The person doing those things is trying to transfer their own negative feelings to us and we shouldn’t allow it.  We should not allow it!  Keep your negativity to yourself and deal with what has caused you to act out.  Or we could help them by not reacting and instead respond with care and compassion.  Whatttt? Be nice to someone who’s being so harsh to us?? Yes, try it as an experiment just to see what happens.  Every action causes a reaction, right?

There are people who get angry over far less things, say being cut off or having to wait in a line but if ya ask yourself why, what answer do you come up with?  Is it self-righteousness?  Have we become a world where we think we are somehow more important than another?   I believe that anger simply masks another emotion that we just don’t want to deal with and it causes us to become negative and ugly towards each other (and apparently weakens our immune system).  Who needs that??  If we figured out the emotion that caused the anger, we could deal with the true problem.

Scott’s seminar talked about how staying positive can have a powerful impact on others, possibly even on those who are going around being angry about everything.  How do we stop complaining about life and start celebrating it?  Maybe by not taking it for granted, maybe  start by appreciating that you have another day to love your family or yourself.  Love yourself!  Start there.  Do you know how amazing you are?  Well you are!  Ya can’t stop someone from being negative but ya can change how ya react to it, so spread optimism around.  It does a body good, really! (Read quote above again and again)

We all know an Eeyore or two, so let’s be their Winnie-the-Pooh.  Take your pot of honey and start sharing with all the Rabbit’s and Eeyore’s ya come across.  My guess is, it’ll make you feel better as well as them.

So let’s do this together and see what kind of impact we have.  It won’t happen over night and we might have to start over several times to make it a habit but it’ll be worth it.  If you could change one person’s outlook into one that brings them happiness, would you?  I bet you would.  I think if we help spread happiness vs. anger it will produce a ripple effect across the world, a kind of happiness revolution!  Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it!!  React with kindness rather than anger, just try it and let me know what happens.




11 thoughts on “Happiness Vs. Anger

  1. This is a lovely post, but, looking at my own life (the only baseline I have), I wonder what role genetics plays in the happiness/anger continuum , and where in that line does sadness fall. Just something to think about.

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    1. I think you may be referring to a mental illness such as depression. An illness that is difficult to control and can be hereditary.
      What I’m referring to are emotions that are brought about by someone else’s actions. How we react to someone. When someone is trying to hurt our feelings and make us sad it’s typically because they feel a sadness in themselves. One way for them to rid themselves, temporarily of that is to try to make someone else sad. Anger can mask feelings of sadness or fear. Sometimes it’s easier to get angry than admit to being afraid.


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