Am I Old Fashioned or Just Old?

Sometimes I long for a simpler life with less technology, where staying busy isn’t needed or necessary.  Where its okay to be bored or just do one task at a time.  I wonder if this will ever come back around to being the norm.  Maybe I’m an old-fashioned woman for thinkin’ that way.  I know it’s very rare as these things just don’t happen anymore but just maybe the world will get tired of being busy someday.


Most people want instant gratification, something quick and easy, in all areas of life; it would seem.  Conversations are now text messages, you literally never have to speak to a person to communicate with them. You can do almost everything without ever speaking, seeing or touching another human.  Crazy and fascinating both.

I’m not sure dating even exists anymore, it seems to be more about “hooking up” or “hanging out”.  Relationships are few  and situationships are many.  What does that even mean???  Maybe people are too busy for all of that, what with jobs, careers, kids, spouses, the ex’s, parents, hobbies, the kids hobbies, friends, parties, events and holidays.  Whewwww!  That’s life though, everything happening really fast and at the same time.  Is it all getting to be too much?  Are we ever gonna slow it down?

In my perfect world I’d wake up early and enjoy a hot cup (or two or three, ok maybe four) of coffee while watching the sun come up.  No gadget to waste away on, just the quiet of the sun rise and the smell of hazelnut coffee.  Just to breathe in deeply as the world winds up tighter and tighter for another busy day of too much busyness.  After watching the day start then I could get started on refinishing a piece of furniture.

I like being able to take my time to see the piece come back to life.  The sound of the sanding becomes music in my head with the steady rhythm it has.  When I’ve stripped away years and years of abuse and can blow away the debris, I almost feel like the piece has taken its first breath again.  After all the ugly is removed is when I can really see and appreciate the beauty that was there all along.  Now its raw and exposed and ready to be loved again.  And don’t we all need to be treated liked that from time to time?

I’ve found some kind of peaceful joy in planting and growing food and flowers.  To take a seed, care for it and watch it grow to fulfill its purpose by feeding me in return.  Amazing!  It takes some patience on my part but I get so much more satisfaction from eating something I’ve grown as opposed to something I’ve bought.  The same kind of appreciation happens when I hang sheets/towels to dry outside.  I don’t know what the sun does to make them smell and feel so much better than being pulled from a dryer.

It would seem that the more patient I have to be, the more satisfaction I get from the end result.  The more time I invest into something, the more I appreciate it.  When I make it or grow it myself, I tend to provide more care for it.  I guess maybe I am a little more old-fashioned and possibly on my way to oldish.  I like that about me.



27 thoughts on “Am I Old Fashioned or Just Old?

  1. I can relate to your writing , I feel the same. On one side I like technology and on the other, I don’t want it 24/7. I too like to take my time, read a book, not a kindle, and love my washing on the line. Life is easier without tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, ( I just made up these words but you know what I mean. )) On the other side , it is nice some times to catch up with someone not so close to you geographically. I also can confirm that growing up is optional and as a 55 year old I like growing older, makes me feel good and happier in myself, as I am more myself than I was in my 20’s.
    You have a lovely blog and I need to check out more now…. technology is good for that. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you understand, it’s nice to know that others may think the same. I am now 6 days away from turning 50 and I have to agree with you. I’m much happier than I was when I was younger but I’ve also learned about whats important and what isn’t. Being comfortable with myself, like you are, is both a relief and a blessing. Why couldn’t I have been more like this when I was younger? I guess that’s where the wisdom in aging comes into place.
      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you keep checking in with me! Technology is good for making new friends near and far.

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  2. You’re certainly not old for thinking this way! I’m not out of my twenties yet and I long for the day’s where a mobile phone wasn’t at the centre of everyone’s universe. My friends universe, my little brother’s universe, my boyfriends, my own! I honestly believe the less time spent around technology, the happier I become! There’s a lot to be said for sitting in the quiet with an old book you’ve read a thousand times already… or sitting and watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee… I was right there with you while reading that 🙂

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    1. I’m both surprised and happy that someone as young as you feels like that. I’m glad we could quietly share a cup of coffee together 😉
      Sometimes I feel like the same technology that makes life a little easier is at the same time draining everyone. For me it’s as if I’m being pulled into a black hole and it prevents me from being in the present but then when I look around everyone else is being sucked into it as well.
      I’m so glad we moved out to the country where I’ll be forced to slow down and take care of me a little better. A place where the scenery is gonna distract me from all the gadgets we have.

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      1. Well when I say not out my twenties… I only have another year and half to go so I’m clutching at straws here really! Ha. But still, I really do agree. My dad lives out in the country and it is always a welcome break when I get out there and I have no signal on my phone and I’m surrounded by nothing by fields and trees. I hope you’ll be a little more content out there too 🙂

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          1. Well the stories I remember are mostly true, although I will admit that some of them have gotten better over the years. I will s It was a really crazy time to be young, The social morals of the greatest generation just crumbled between 1965 and 1973. Love was free (marriage why bother) and we were not going to be pushed around by the Vietnam war mongering political structures. I hesitate to call them the good old days, but they were fun, and even though we had little (money or stuff) it really didn’t seem to matter.

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  3. I have a plan……I am going to get old. I am just not going to grow up :). I love your ideas for slowing life down. I cannot wait for warmer weather when I can sit on my porch with my cup of tea. For now I will content myself with sitting by my woodstove.
    Totally agree about the gardening and the satisfaction of eating what you have grown. Loved this entire post!


    1. Lol, if we make it past 50 there’s no need in growing up, at least that’s what I’ve heard. All this bitter cold and gray skies have me going a little stir crazy so while you’re sipping your tea I’ll be joining you with my coffee. (I have a little covered porch now!)
      And thank you, I find it easier to write when I’m alone in the house, Scott is gone on business again, so it’s just me and the dogs this week.

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        1. Must be why all the great writers prefer solitude when writing 😄. We’re on our way (not sure to what, haha) but on our way. I’ll be turning 50 in a few weeks so once I get there I’ll no longer worry about it either. It be silly for me to grow up now since my best friend is my 3 yr old grand daughter. Btw, I hope when I’m 59 I look just as lovely as you do.

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  4. Totally agree. I do think that unhooking ourselves from technology will start to come back. People are just plain exhausted. And what a time waster! I mean I actually used to clean my house every week and now my time is so wasted on other things that leave me feeling rotten. I honestly would love to get off Facebook, but at the moment I am using it as a tool to teach on many of the pages I am administrator for. You are not old or old fashioned because if you are then so am I! Haha.

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    1. Lol, ok we’re not old. And I hope you’re right about disconnecting. Everyone I talk to just talks about how busy and tired they are. We get on that hamster wheel and forget to jump off 😊


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