Settling, Simplicity and Stuff

I need some curtains and pictures hung in the living room

It took two 28 foot trucks, 4 movers and several pick up truck loads to get all of our “stuff” into the new house!  Holy Moly, did we ever have a lot of stuff!  Maybe we have too much stuff.


When you’re goin’ about the business of living everyday, ya don’t really think about all the crap you have piled up in the back corners or secret hide away spots in your home.  Sometimes I  start workin’ on a project and then get distracted by something else and whatever it is that I started with gets put into a closet or cupboard until I can get back to it. Then I get distracted by something else and before ya know it…I’ve already forgotten about the first and second thing.

It seems like whenever something gets thrown into a random corner, that particular item multiplies, ’cause surely I didn’t buy all this on my own!   I don’t know why I have 54 serving platters or 761 wall hangings.  I have multiple sets of knives, several crock pots and about 2000 blankets.  Seriously, what do I need with all this stuff???

I don’t need it and its causing me stress, especially now that we’ve moved and I’ve been forced to acknowledge exactly how much stuff I have.  And my husband is probably worse.  We had to have one truck filled with just his garage toys, tools and forgotten items.

We’re finally startin to get settled into the new place and most of the rooms are complete except for some of the smaller decor that makes a house into a home.  You know, personal items or mementos.  I happen to like elephants so I try to have one elephant in each room, my husband likes food soooooo…

Anyway, we decided we needed to purge some things that we don’t use or want anymore.  The things that get used occasionally will be placed into an organzied storage closet in the basement.  Purging, for me, has become fun!  I’ve decided I like tossing out things that are no longer useful to me and it creates so much more space.  Things aren’t crammed into a cabinet anymore.  I can see what I have without digging through other crap.

It’s been tougher on my husband, he’s a bit of a hoarder but he doesn’t like me saying that out loud.  He doesn’t like throwing anything out, you know, ’cause it might come in handy 65 years from now.  He’s doing okay with it, although I did try to throw out a couple of large plastic bowls that looked like a squirrel had chewed up and for some reason he had to keep them.  He put them in the basement and they will probably get tossed into a forgotten closet never to be seen again.

Some of the stuff we have is important and fun to reminisce about.  Too much stuff can cause anxiety and stress.  In my effort to live a simpler life, I think it’s time to cut out some of the things that don’t matter.  Removing the excess will help clear the clutter from the house and help to clear my mind.

I’ve read that less stuff equals less work which equals less expense and all of that equals more money, more time and more joy for the things that are much more important in life, like living, loving and enjoying the people in your life.  I think I’m ready for a simpler life free from clutter.



13 thoughts on “Settling, Simplicity and Stuff

  1. Glad the move went well. Re clutter: I actually have a whole cupboard full of plastic bags, padded bags and bubble wrap! I can’t throw them away. They come in handy for selling stuff on ebay, but I swear they’re breeding 😄 And the bubblewrap is migrating, we found some in another cupboard!

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    1. You have yours for a useful purpose but yeah I get it! Sometimes it does seems like stuff is breeding. And yours is moving into bigger territory 😳 and expanding on its own? Maybe that’s its way of telling you that your business will be growing this year😁, hmmm

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  2. Your home looks beautiful!
    I have been sorting through my craft stuff and all the other “stuff” that accumulated and got mixed in with my craft stuff. I also find I will get rid of stuff easier than my husband. He, like your husband, has the theory that he should have a spare or two (or three) on hand for that one time in 500 years when he might need a spare. (big sigh).
    Happy sorting!

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    1. Thanks and good luck with your sorting.
      I have myself a little craft room, I guess you could call it a female version of a man cave. It has lots of pretty things in it. Things that smell good and are fun to make and where my secret stash of cookies are hidden away for only me.
      Hmmm, I wonder if men hold on to things because they might possibly maybe someday need it or because they just don’t have the energy to do any kind of sorting 😊

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      1. Hahahaha on the man sorting. My husband sorts….he just sorts weirdly and with an eye to keeping it all and making it fit in the space he has.
        I think the woman version of a man cave is called a she shed :). I read that in a magazine. Yours sounds like a wonderful place to hang out.


  3. The hardest thing I ever started was downsizing. It was also the easiest thing I have ever accomplished. We went from a four bed-two bath home with a 1000 sq ft outbuilding to a two bed one bath cottage. We got rid of furniture, clothing, bedding, dishes, kitchen crap..etc etc etc
    And it IS so much less time spent now on cleaning, washing, drying, storing, etc. I am pretty sure we outfitted a couple of people’s homes while we were throwing things out. It is freeing.

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    1. I will be thankful to be free of unnecessary stuff. When the weather is nice we spend all our time outside anyway.
      How long did it take you to down size? And did you stay in the same area?


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