Thoughts on Being Sick

I think the worst thing about being sick when you’re a woman is…being a woman.  People just expect you to continue on like you’re not sick.  Men, on the other hand, get to actually be sick and have some type of recovery time.



These are things that are hard to do when I’m sick:

1).  Putting on socks or just having to bend over.  It takes too much energy

2).  Having my eyes open…is it even necessary?

3).  Having a conversation…I don’t make a lick of sense when I’m sick.

4). Taking a shower…all I really want to do is wallow.

5).  Taking my head off the pillow…it’s better to just roll from side to side.

I’m pretty happy I got to spend Christmas watching my 3 year grand daughter open her gifts.  She gets it now, she was more interested in the gift rather than the wrapping paper this year.  Although, she does NOT like Santa and did NOT want him coming into her house, she was excited about opening presents!  For what ever reason, Santa totally creeps her out and she gets a little upset at the mention of him.  I had to promise her I wouldn’t let Santa into her house.  I was guarding the fireplace making sure nobody in a red suit came down it.  This same little lady had a very bad cold, which she very generously shared with me.

I could feel the sickness coming on like a freight train the last day I was there.  When I got to the airport the next morning, I was trying not to sniffle or cough or sneeze cause I thought I might get yanked outta line and sent to some type of isolation ward.  You remember when Ebola was making its way around the world and anybody who was thought to be sick couldn’t get on a plane?  Remember that??  Just how exactly did ebola disappear anyway?

So not only did I not get yanked out of line, I somehow managed to get randomly selected for the TSA pre-check line.  I musta did a fantastic job of hiding my sickness.  I got to by-pass all the other folks zig zagging through the mile long security check point line.  I casually walked right on by them and got to my assigned boarding gate where I was free to cough and sneeze all I liked.

When my hour and seven minute flight was done, I walked right outta the airport and right into our truck where my husband was patiently waiting with all the other arrival traffic.  He doesn’t do well in lines of any kind.  He was parked directly in front of the doors and was on time, even early and that almost never happens but I was soooo glad it did this time.  He didn’t see me coming and I think I might have scared him.  He wasnt expecting someone to open up the door and jump in.  I must have looked pretty frightful cause he didn’t even give me a hug or kiss.  People dont’ want to be anywhere near a woman when she’s sick, so it’s hard to get any comfort or sympathy.

Now that my kids are grown up and outta of the house, I get to have sick days where I can lay in bed and watch endless amounts of stupid shows on Netflix.  My husband does a pretty good job of taking care of me even when I am crabby and making no sense.  He brings me medicine and food and basically keeps me alive so I can make a full recovery.  He’s good like that.

As for right now, I have to pull myself outta bed because we are closing on our new house today.  I’ll do all the things on the list above and make myself presentable.  With the magic of make-up, I can even apply color to my face so I don’t look like death.  I’ll do my best not to contaminate anyone but I’m not making promises.  So I’m off to pretend I’m not sick again because I’m a woman and that’s what we do.  Any other ladies do the same thing, especially the ladies with little ones still at home??  God bless you if you do, you make the world go round.


13 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being Sick

  1. Aww, get well soon! I understand the male-female sick issue all too well. I am never allowed to be sick on my own–my husband always co-opts it, and I become such a jerk about it, I really do! “I was sick first! Why can’t I just get to lay around? Why are you always sicker than me??” I don’t do sick well. But I also don’t get to ride it out. Parenting waits for no mom! 😊

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  2. When it comes to colds…..women just do tend to carry on and keep going. Two Christmases ago I had the stomach flu so bad that I did stay in bed most of the day. My family, bless their hearts, made the turkey, (no stuffing), potatoes and the entire meal. By supper time (which I did not eat) I felt good enough to sit in the living room to watch them open gifts. Only time in my married life I sat in my jammies while gift opening happened. Maybe as a grandma they cut me more slack?

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    1. There are some people who never get out of their Jammie’s, Christmas Day or not 😊 it’s terrible being sick but to have to be sick on a holiday is miserable. What a great family to have taken care of the cooking

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      1. They did a great job. I did find out, however, that they do not peel potatoes like I do. I pull my peeler towards me and they do away. My peeler did not work well for them and they all wanted to buy me a new one…..till I showed them that mine did work the way I use it :).


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