Sweata Weatha

I look forward to the season of sweata weatha.  For me, it starts right around September 15th and runs through April 30th.  Doesn’t matter to me what kinda sweater, I love ’em all equally.


Fat ones, skinny ones, long and short…hmmm maybe not short ones.  I’m picturing a crop top sweater, nope that’s not gonna work with my midriff, yikes!  Red ones, blue ones, multi colored hues.  I like going into Target’s  mens department to find over sized sweaters for myself, yep that’s what I do.  I feel like companies make better sweaters for men, almost a higher quality somehow and it’s so easy to make sure I get the perfect over sized fit I’m looking for.

Now I’m not a sweater snob, I love all sweaters just the same whether they come from Macy’s or the Salvation Army.  And let me tell ya, you can find some really awesome deals at the thrift stores!  I get pretty excited at finding new wool cardigans at a thrift store with the tags still on…and what do I pay for this jewel…less than $10.  That’s right, I’m a bargain hunting queen.  Feels good.

I might actually have a sweater addiction, I’m not sure what the symptoms would be and I may have the only known case of it.  I’m drawn to sweaters like a junkie to meth, sometimes I don’t even know how the sweater got in my arms when I’m walking through a store.  I must black out ’cause when my husband asks why I bought so many sweaters, I can’t even make up a good lie.  I’m coming outta the fog and just scratching my head like, “What???  How did I end up with 5 new sweaters, this is nuts.  Honey you have to go with me next time I’m in a store.  I can’t control myself.”  Then I eat a whole bag of potato chips, ya know, ’cause that makes sense somehow.


I also feel bad for all those lonely ugly sweaters left on the clearance rack without any home to go to.  Why don’t people use those for their ugly sweater parties?  They’re just as ugly as the brightly colored, pre-lit, grossly adorned yuletide ones.  Yet there they sit, patiently waiting for the re-cycle bin or to be shipped off to some third world country where they’ll be appreciated. 

 If you or anyone you know has a sweater addiction like me, please speak up and let me know if you’ve had the courage to overcome it or if you’re still struggling with it.  Because admitting it is the first step to recovery, but then again do I really want to recover from it?   Hhmmm, I’ll have to think about it and get back with you.  Until then, happy sweatering people!


21 thoughts on “Sweata Weatha

        1. Good idea, I refinish furniture and tell myself every single time that this time I won’t get stain or paint on me. I’ll be careful this time. This time will be different…it never is. I always get something on me, lol.

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  1. Only until April?? If you lived here it would be June at the very least!I have 11 sweaters! I also have 7 cardigans and 5 polo neck thin tops to wear under them. I recently sold a cardi that I loved but it was too big for me and ditto another jumper. But I only have 3 pairs of jeans to wear them all with.

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    1. I have 5 pair of jeans but I like to wear them a 2-3 days before washing them again. The dryer seems to make them shrink up too much and it takes a couple days for them to be comfy. I’m not sure I’d want to count my sweaters, it might be better that I not know or I might have to purge some which would make me sad.

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  2. I have exactly three sweaters. One I wear all the time..it is a bright purple fuzzy acrylic so it feels like cashmere and only cost 2 dollars at the local thrift store. I have a blue and white patterned on with an open front. gorgeous thing but the uneven hemline gets in my way so it is worn for maybe ten minutes then put away again…when I drag out my third and last sweater. It is (now) off-white with a red and blue border on the bottom. It is at a minimum 20 years old. It has a huge coffee stain the refuses to come out, two tears in the sleeves (both at the elbows) a bunch of pulled yarn around the base (cats kneading it more than likely). I do, on the other hand, have 32 scrub tops of varying prints, patterns and colors.

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