Packin’ Up

I don’t like and don’t wanna do it. Packin’ up our stuff sucks!  Trying to fit our world into boxes as neatly as I can so every square inch of the box is utilized is like putting together a jig saw puzzle (and I hate puzzles).

img_2152 Having to be surrounded by boxes and clutter has my OCD in overdrive and my nerves are starting to frazzle. Have ya ever had to wear an itchy wool sweater with no barrier between your skin and sweater?  Well that’s what it feels like to have so much chaos and disorganization around me.  I need things to be neat and tidy to have a calm and relaxing home (and state of mind).


I brought out the plastic spoons and forks to eat with until we move, ’cause on moving day I want everything to be ready to go right onto the truck without delay.  And you know plastic ware breaks with the first attempt to use it so it takes 10 forks just to eat a chicken breast and then another 5 to finish my vege’s.  Ohhhh, the joys of moving!

On top of moving, I thought why not get a puppy too, it’ll be fun!  It’s not. House training a puppy while moving is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve attempted.  Lesson learned but look how cute she is!
Ohhh, and did I mention it’s winter here.  Beautiful isn’t it?  Looks like diamonds in the snow. Sooo, we’ll be moving in the bitter cold (high of 15 today) and running in and out of the beautiful diamond filled snow while our fingers and toes get frost bite.  Sounds lovely doesn’t it?  Not really, but at least it’s not is the Spring time when everything is covered in mud.  

So let’s see, we are moving… in the winter… before a major holiday… while training a new puppy.   Ha, ha, ha…oh geez…what was I thinkin’?  I suppose if I’m gonna stress myself out I’m gonna make sure it happens all at once, ’cause why drag it out over many months when I can be totally frazzled for a couple of weeks instead?

When the first of the New Year rolls around we will be in a new home, making new memories and all the stress will have disappeared.  We’ll certainly have stories to tell about this crazy move at Christmas and by the end of next year they will become memories to laugh at.

Stress is just a temporary state, as are many emotions and feelings, everything is just temporary.  Thinkin’ about it that way makes it easier to handle.  Beginnings are scary, the middle is comfy and endings are sad but that’s the circle that gets us through everyday.  Whether you tip-toe, meander, stroll or jump, taking the next step is a necessary move to unstuck yourself and move towards something that gets us back to the middle where it’s nice and cozy!







6 thoughts on “Packin’ Up

  1. I should be there….I love puzzles. Of course that would mean you would have no idea which box held certain items……the joy of discovery.
    Focus on a month from now when you will be settled in…..fairly settled in :).
    And the puppy is adorable.

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