What Happens When My Husband Is Gone…

img_2104My husband travels a lot for work.  Right now, he’s in sunny and warm Fort Lauderdale, FL while I brave the cold and wind here in Michigan.  Whenever I get left unsupervised in an empty house and am completely alone to be my dorky self; these things happen:

I leave the lights on at night ’cause I hate walking into a dark room.

I turn into a ninja and hide whenever someone comes to the door.

I eat waaay too many jet puffed marshmallows for dinner.

I sing out loud and poorly to Motown music.

I dance in front of the bathroom mirror just to see how it looks.

I have conversations with my dogs.

I rent movies…right from the TV!

I sleep in the middle of the bed.

My grocery list is candy, cookies and brownies…that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.

By the time my husband gets back home, I’ve turned back into a grown up like some magical spell has worn off and I start cooking, cleaning and being responsible again.  Ya know like making  healthy meals and making  sure his dress shirts get ironed.  I feel the need to make sure he is taken care of properly for some odd reason.  But if I could get away with it, I’d be serving up cake for dinner more often…just cake.

I thoroughly enjoy my alone time maybe a little too much.  I never feel the need to be social or have an itch to get out around other people when he’s gone.  And while I should be packing up some more things for our up coming move, I can’t seem to bring myself to do anything responsible right now.

Sometimes it’s good to act like a kid again and let your inner child out.  Mine comes out when I’m home alone, there’s no witnesses that way.  Just being able to let go of tension, stress, rules and restrictions is important for everyone to be able to do.





26 thoughts on “What Happens When My Husband Is Gone…

  1. It is good to have alone time. My husband likes it as well I think! I think s’mores for a meal would be awesome…just think the graham cracker is a grain, chocolate is good for serotonin levels and the marshmallow….well…about that marshmallow. The marshmallow stands alone and needs no excuse. Enjoy it while you can and maybe you can start your spouse slow by just putting a marshmallow on the side of his plate at a meal.

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  2. I’m with you! I often sing, dance, give my laptop screen the vibrating finger, and just act plan cooky. It’s a wonderful way to just let go. I won’t even mention my “mirror antics,” ’cause I’m in the process of sorting myself out about those [chuckle]!!!

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  3. I play The Killers very loud and ‘sing’ along (he’s a Dylan/Leonard Cohen fan)! I eat my favourite raw chocolate knowing I won’t have to share now that he’s stopped buying the commercial kind – darn, I did too good a job persuading him to cut down on the sugar! I binge watch films I’ve saved because I can’t watch them when he’s around as he talks through them or wanders in and out or clatters about in the kitchen. I spread all my card-making stuff all over the table and it’s great that I don’t have to move it all when I’m halfway through… 😊

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