Thoughts on Being Sick

I think the worst thing about being sick when you’re a woman is…being a woman.  People just expect you to continue on like you’re not sick.  Men, on the other hand, get to actually be sick and have some type of recovery time.



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Santa’s Day of Rest


I picture Santa (wink, wink) waking up after a long night of work, relaxing with a hot cup of coffee before he hits it hard again for the next year.

Merry Christmas and God Bless to all of you!

Coffee or Fitness


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Sweata Weatha

I look forward to the season of sweata weatha.  For me, it starts right around September 15th and runs through April 30th.  Doesn’t matter to me what kinda sweater, I love ’em all equally.


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My Christmas Spirit

This is the extent of our decorations this year because of the move, sad right?

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Packin’ Up

I don’t like and don’t wanna do it. Packin’ up our stuff sucks!  Trying to fit our world into boxes as neatly as I can so every square inch of the box is utilized is like putting together a jig saw puzzle (and I hate puzzles).

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What Happens When My Husband Is Gone…

img_2104My husband travels a lot for work.  Right now, he’s in sunny and warm Fort Lauderdale, FL while I brave the cold and wind here in Michigan.  Whenever I get left unsupervised in an empty house and am completely alone to be my dorky self; these things happen: Continue reading “What Happens When My Husband Is Gone…”