And Ruby Was Her Name

I got an early Christmas gift from Scott, actually she was the only thing on my list!  

img_2052I asked for a Newfoundland puppy and he went and surprised me with one.  ‘Course I helped him out by sending him links to where he could find them.  He wasn’t at all happy about the price tag on her but he did it to make me happy.  I love him for that.  She’ll be 6 weeks old on December 1 and she is already bigger than my ‘lil Pomeranian.  She weighs about 10 lbs and Sparky is 7 lbs.  Sparky doesn’t quite like Ruby yet, and I’m not sure he ever will.  Right now, she pretty much just sleeps and eats, she gets a small burst of energy to play and then quickly wears herself out.  She’s pretty clumsy still and has a hard time walking on our hardwood floors, it looks like she’s trying to walk across an ice rink, just slipping and a sliding everywhere.  img_2055

I’m dreading the chewing phase, it’s likely she’s big enough to do some serious damage if I don’t keep a good eye on her, yikes!  I keep her in a crate at night (in our bedroom) and she doesn’t like it, she whines and crys but it’s not too bad.  She calms down quickly.img_2061

She’s just a big, goofy, clumsy and  sweet ‘lil girl. She’ll probably be 125 lbs when she’s fully grown, which is gonna happen very quickly.  She won’t be little for long!  Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!!


13 thoughts on “And Ruby Was Her Name

  1. Oh my goodness! Ruby is beautiful bundle of fur and cuteness overload. Since I don’t always get your posts in my inbox, I’m going to hop on over to Instagram and follow you there. Seeing photos of your fur babies, etc., will always brighten my day. ❤

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