Sunday Chores??

Happy Sunday all…wishing you all warmth and love!  It’s so cold and windy here in Michigan today that I have absolutley no plans to do anything other than sit by the cozy fire all day. What will youuu be doin’?




7 thoughts on “Sunday Chores??

  1. Had plans to go to church this morning till my stuffy head decided to not infect an entire congregation LOL. Sat with my husband, cup of tea in hand and watched Pastor Harold on tv. Then a whole lot of nothing.
    It is cold here also with the snow on the ground.
    I LOVE the picture of your to do list!

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  2. It’s pretty chilly in the UK but probably not as cold as where you are. Today I have been doing some baking – Welsh cakes and biscuits, then I prepared vegetables for our evening meal. I went for a little walk afterwards to get some fresh air, and a change of scenery. Now the log burner is lit, and I’m having a glass of wine before supper. Enjoy your evening!

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    1. That is so cool that your son enjoys that with you! Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you can be together and have some fun and laughs. And those are my favorite stores to go shopping at, I love finding bargains. Have a great day with your son. It sounds like your hubby has a restful day all ready and waiting for him.


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