Final House Decision

This is the one we choose or chose or maybe it’s chosen, I always get those words mixed up.   We put an offer on the blue Cape Cod but the owners didn’t seem like they were quite ready to let go of their house and we didn’t want to beg them for it.  So we moved on and put an offer on this one and it was accepted.img_2012This house has been completely renovated inside and has brand new everything.  The investor who bought the home last year gutted the interior ’cause it still looked like 1989, which is the year it was built.  I’m glad the investor has the same sense of style and taste as I do.  It has a small covered porch but it is big enough for a swing and my husband promised to have a sunroom added to the back of the house!img_2009

The house sits on 5 acres…5 of ’em!!  That is a huuuge chunk of land for my husband who grew up and has always lived in the city and he is so excited for his pole barn.  My husband loves his toys and cars and gadgets and snow blowers and tools and car lifts and other things I don’t know the names of.  This pole barn has a bathroom and is heated…I may never see my husband again after we move in.  But, I’ll be able to have a bigger garden and a clothesline!  Ahhh, I can smell the freshness already.img_2010

And would you look at that!  A stable for my mini horses along with fenced in pastures and a horse trailer.  I can also get another puppy to keep my little Pomeranian company.  I’ve been hoping to get a Newfoundland pup.  I know, I know, they’re big dogs.  Males can be 150 pounds (I’d like a female though) and my little Sparky is only 7 lbs.  It’s an odd combination but hopefully it will be a successful one.  Fingers crossed!!img_2011

Yup, there’s a pond too!!  It’s gonna be so nice to sit out there and fish with my granddaughter.  My husband already has plans to build a dock and platform.  It needs a little work around the edges but once my husband sets his mind to doing something there isn’t anything that will deter him.

We put our current home up for sale on a Sunday and by Monday afternoon we had a full price offer.  Crazy!!!  It’s a little overwhelming how fast everything is now moving.  We are set to close on both properties by the end of December and that’s not very far away.  That must be why I have knots in my stomach.


15 thoughts on “Final House Decision

  1. CONGRATULATIONS. I well remember, 30 years ago, when I put an offer on my house and it was accepted. It is in the city but is on an acre lot with the backyard surrounded by dense woods. When I got the news, I stayed up all night looking at the budget and wondering if God was going to put some extra in there because the figures just weren’t coming out right! 30 years later and 3 additions to the house and we are still in it and couldn’t imagine moving elsewhere. May the Lord bless you as you go into this new, and beautiful, home and property.

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    1. Thank you 😊 we spoke to some of the new neighbors, all of whom have been in the same place for 20+ years. So it’s nice to know we are moving into an area where folks like to stay put as we hope to do the same! 3 additions huh? That’s great cause I heard renovations can be as stressful as moving itself. 😊


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