Things Toddlers Say…

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October 7th my granddaughter turned 3 years old. That’s all; just 3 very young years she’s been here in this world and already knows how to manipulate the adults in her life.  She’s also quite fluent in sarcasm and profanity, much to her parents disapproval.  

She learns all this not only from those of us she’s around  but from what she watches online and the TV.  I’ve been telling you all along how sassy and smart she is.  I don’t even know how someone that young is proficient in sarcasm but it’s so much funnier coming from a 3 yr. old.  Mommy and daddy disagree with me on this, although they secretly laugh too.

She doesn’t know that the cussing is wrong or inappropriate, she hears other people say it and repeats it.  Her parents tell her not to say that word or this phrase but she furrows her brow and scorns at you while thinking, “Well why did you say it then?” Here’s an example of a conversation I had with her when she was trying to explain to me what game she wanted to play online…

Livi: Nene find the game I play (its more of a demand than request)

Me: Can you tell me anything about the game so I can find it?

Livi:  It has circles in it

Me: Okay, is there anything else you can tell me about it?

Livi: They say, “What the hell man, what the f@*k”

Me: Ohhhh boy…no, no noooo, you can’t play that game and shouldn’t be using those words.

Then a tantrum ensues and I gotta find a way to distract her, which really isn’t that difficult.  My favorite distraction for her: “Heeeey, do ya wanna go outside and play?”  That just dries up the tears quicker than anything else I’ve tried so far.  It’s either that or a piece of candy, but I’ve gotten myself in trouble for doing that with her parents, oopsie!

She’s also in daycare now, which she doesn’t like or maybe she does, I’m not sure.  The ride to daycare is filled with heavy sobbing and pitiful tears.  (Seriously, kid you’re breakin’ my heart and now I’m crying too) Along with repeatedly saying, “I don’t wanna go to school, I can’t do it, I can’t!”  I remember saying things like that on Mondays when I use to work.

I get it girl…who wants to have to follow rules and policies and regular nap times…oh wait I’ll sign up for that last part happily.  I love naps!  Anyway, she’s just as happy as can be when she gets picked up in the afternoon.  I was met with a hug around the legs and her saying, ” Nene you came back!”  She must believe that she’ll never see us again when she gets dropped off.  Yikes, wouldn’t that be traumatic?  Can you imagine someone dropping you off at work and then having the feeling that you will NEVER be able to leave or go home.  I think I’d throw a tantrum too…noooo I don’t wanna go to work, I can’t do it.

She takes money from her daddy’s piggy bank to put into her own (told ya she was smart), she tries taking over daddy’s man cave one toy at a time (she’s subtle yet direct).  It’s happening right in front of you, yet you don’t notice because she smiles that sweet little smile and along with her infectious laugh you end up completely oblivious to whats happening. She’s just that good!

She’s very comfortable giving orders and directing the adults in her life.  She has somehow figured out that she is the boss or she likes to think she’s the boss.  Either way, she’s gonna become a very good boss… when she’s older.  She likes to pretend she’s a zombie and chases her mommy around.  She loves playing in the dirt and rocks around her house yet hates any bugs of any kind.  She will literally scream if she sees a fly , a worm, an ant, or any other type of bug near her.  She’s all tomboy yet all princess at the very same time.

Life with a toddler is much more fun when you’re the grandparent.  Ahhh, it’s just the best!


5 thoughts on “Things Toddlers Say…

    1. I’ll bet she is adored by all. I don’t know what game she wanted, I wasn’t going to try and find it after that. My daughter thinks she may have heard her daddy saying that when he plays his games with his friends. Whoops 😬

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