House hunting, decisions and compromise…

My husband and I started our search for a new home back at the end of August.  Well actually our neighbors starting searching for a new home and the enthusiasm carried over to us and we started looking too.  Is that called keeping up with the neighbors??  

It’s only taken me 6 years to convince my husband to move ( yes I said years, grrrr) and now we are moving full steam ahead.  Except we have different ideas of what our new home should be.  The size, the yard, the neighborhood, the precise location, subdivision, no subdivision, ranch, colonial, brick, vinyl, wood, garage size, outbuildings….I could go on and on but you get the idea.  We are opposites but opposites attract and we balance each other out.

Here’s a visual to help you understand: What I feel like my husband wants


And what he feels like I want


Seriously??? Just because I said I wanted something smaller than what we already have, where I can have a nice garden and hang my clothes out on a clothes line to dry.  I guess I’m a little more low key than he is. I’m okay with doing a small amount of work to put my own personal stamp on the place and he wants everything completely done before moving in.

In reality the 2 photos below are what we have narrowed it down to.  Can you figure out which of us likes which house?

So here’s what happened.  We put on offer on one of the houses above and the sellers response was, “Can you wait a couple weeks for our answer?  We’d like to see if we get any other, possibly better offers.”  Whattttt???  I didn’t realize that was even an option, I thought a typical response would be yes, no or a counter offer.  Their repsonse angered my husband and our agent and I’m left scratching my head still confused as to how that would be an appropriate response to someone wanting to purchase your home.  So should we move on or wait a couple weeks for their response?


17 thoughts on “House hunting, decisions and compromise…

  1. Oh no how awful having to play such a waiting game. Keeping everything crossed for you. Both of those houses look so lovely. I do hope you get the one you want and if not, there must be an even better one lying in store for you 😀

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  2. I wish there was a button other than “Like” for this post. I am excited that you are embarking on a new journey, but frustrated for you at the same time. Maybe they could create a excited but frustrated face for situations like this one. 🙂 I have faith that you will find THE house. Keep us posted! 🙂

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  3. I’ve just put my house on the market. Waiting for the first viewer! I’ve moved house dozens of times, so I’m not phased by it. We’re not going to buy something else immediately, I’d rather get this sale all done and dusted, then I’ll be a cash buyer for the next one, even if we have to rent somewhere first. My husband is eyeing up the cheapest houses on the market, so he can do some serious DIY, but I’m worried we’ll be living in squalor for many months or years until he gets everything done!

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    1. That’s fantastic, best wishes to you then. I’ve always heard that as soon as you think you have everything done something else needs your attention, so there’s really no down time with DIY efforts. Here’s hoping that you only live in squalor for months and not years, although I’m sure it won’t be that bad 😉

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  4. These kinds of stories are what make me really nervous to go through the process myself (eventually, when I get to that point!). But I would say if they come back to you and say yes and you still want the house, isn’t that what’s more important than being insulted by their lack of tact? You’re buying the house, not the people!

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    1. Yeah you’re right my daughter said something similar. But then to, they could come back and say we got a better offer so sorry to waste your time. Our agent asked them to provide a counter offer so we’re just waiting to see if they do now.


  5. The perfect home is out there for you somewhere!!! And yes….you need room for clotheslines and a garden just so you can use them if you want! And maybe a swing set for the granddaughter? Or like a sack swing or something? Maybe you need an acreage LOL. Just trying to help :).

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    1. Yes! We need room to move around and spread out, considering we have no acreage now. I think it might be .17 of an acre, basically just a house. We’re looking at 2-5 acres cause I’d like to have mini horses and my husband wants a big pole barn 😊

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  6. The would-be seller might have intentionally sounded rude because he/she isn’t ready to commit. He/she doesn’t want you to commit to their house either. This comment is oddly telling in my opinion. OR maybe the would-be seller is interviewing people who they’d rather have buy their house. Go figure! Might you prefer the house with the porch, and bonus rooms over the garage? It also looks like it might be your color. Very pretty. Just my thoughts!

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    1. You could be on to something there because they had said I was their favorite person who came to look at their home. I’m getting the feeling that they aren’t quite ready to let go of it as they had the home built and helped in building it. I do love big front porches 😁

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  7. Ohhhh it’s all this kind of thing that makes me shy away from moving even though the garden is too big and we need a new kitchen/bathroom and can’t face the expense or upheaval! He would want a tiny bungalow with no garden so no-one can come and stay, I want a mansion with oodles of room for everyone to visit! 😄 Good luck!


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