Respect…and squats

Do you deserve it, respect I mean not the squats?  I feel like this word gets used in the wrong context sometimes, especially when people say they deserve it or you have to earn their respect.  What???

When people say they deserve to be respected, I wonder if they understand the meaning of the word.  If you look it up it states that respect is a FEELING of admiration or deference and that chivalry would be the action that displays respect.  You can’t act like a total jerk off and still say, ” I deserve to be respected”, cause ya don’t.  And I think we all know someone or a lot of someone’s who do that last part.

To earn your respect would mean that I have to work for it or that I have to prove myself worthy, now if I was a total screw up I could see how you might say that but I’m a pretty decent person.  My background checks always come back clean- all of them.  I’ve never been in trouble with the law (although I use to dream of being a jewel thief), I don’t use drugs of any kind ( well other that the meds I take for arthritis), I’ve got a great credit score and my employment history is pretty awesome.  My moral compass is pointed in the right position, so don’t tell me I have to earn your respect.

Then there are the people who say, “You have to give it before you get it”.  I don’t understand that either, basically you’re saying that you can’t feel anything for me unless I have feelings of admiration for you first.  Doesn’t that make everything all about you and a borderline narcissist??

Here’s my take…From me, you already have it whether we just met or have been friends forever.  I start out with a genuine respect and admiration for all and your actions will dictate whether that feeling continues or not.  Am I way off base with this?  To me it’s pretty simple.

I have a new-found respect for squats,  I started a 30-day squat challenge for some ignorant reason.  This is how it goes: day 1 – 50 squats and then add 5 more to that each day ( every 8 days you can rest – whoopee) for 30 days.  In my head I always think I’m some olympic athlete capable of uncanny ability.

So after my first 10 squats my olympic status was crushed, I mean, how did my legs get so out of shape??  I use them everyday, you know with walking and bending. The noise alone was embarrassing, all that snap, crackle and pop from my knees and ankles, what the heck?!?   I don’t exactly remember when moving became so noisy.

After the 50 were done, I literally couldn’t walk.  My legs refused to function like they were pissed off at me.  Kinda like when you tell a teenager to clean their room and they just give you that blank stare like you’re not even there and you start to question whether you really are.  I had to force them to move and I’m glad no one was here ’cause I felt like I was moving across the room doing a chicken dance.  My legs were all wobbly like a new-born animal, and when I sat down afterwards my thigh muscles were on fire, like they were screaming at me!!  My legs are not happy with my decision to do squats.  I have a new admiration for those to can do them effortlessly.


14 thoughts on “Respect…and squats

  1. You respect the squat 🙂 Love the topic of respect. One does not “deserve” respect. It needs to be earned. Kinda like going to work to get paid. You earn your pay. Showing up is only 1/2 the battle and you don’t deserve to get paid for just showing up. Love that you pointed out that if you have to say you deserve respect means you probably don’t.

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  2. Really interesting post, a lot of food for thought! One of the bugbears I have with the issue of respect, is when people say that their opinion must be respected… err, no. I respect their right to an opinion, if said opinion is nonsense, that’s not my fault 😉

    And very much agree with you on the issue of squats. I do a lot as I injured a knee ligament a couple of years ago and it’s a good way of keeping that knee from getting stiff… but I do not enjoy them. Not a bit.

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    1. The word respect gets overly used and I sometimes question whether the user really understands, themselves, what they are saying. People are “entitled” to their own opinion but we don’t have to admire that opinion.
      I’m on day 7 of this crazy challenge and they are getting easier to do and my joints don’t seem to make as much noise but yeah they kinda suck!😊


  3. Oh my word!! I love this post. I love your take on respect.
    I also love your description of day 1 of the 30 day squat challenge. In fact I read it out loud to my husband and we laughed like crazy. He wondered how your legs will feel two days later? You made my day with this post.

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        1. I’m on day 8- my rest day. It’s going pretty good, I’m up to 80 squats. I’m better, faster and my joints are less noisy! I think my Olympic frame of mind is making a come back. I even have less jiggle, if ya know what I mean😉 haha

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