Dining Table Transformed

Check out how cool it looks now, it went from EH to HEYY!  I think these dining sets were a classic look for so many people.  I don’t know of anyone who didn’t have one or at the very least, know someone else who did.

A garage sale find, solid oak classic farmhouse style

I stripped off the polyurethane and sanded it down to bare wood.  I like the star burst pattern on the table top and it has a 24″ leaf so it expands to six feet long.  Gather round friends!

Sanded down to bare wood and the rescue is under way

Now you can see the pattern and I finished the base in a simple solid black which will easily blend with different decor styles.  The chairs got the same treatment and then I applied Minwax red chestnut stain on the seats.

The two-tone is a nice touch, with the seats a red chestnut stain
The same red chestnut stain on the table top…1st coat and 2nd coat

The second coat of stain helped bring out a nice color and the pattern shows up nicely but I wasn’t quite happy with the look so I added an ebony stain over top of that and achieved a cool custom finish.  It looks brown in the photo but it actually has a red under tone to it in person I wish I could have captured that in the photo.

Ta-Daaa  My hard work paid off and now I have a beautifully updated farmhouse look


What do ya think?  Yay or Nay?  What’s your style preference…modern, mission, traditional, french country, rustic or something entirely different?  I’ve always liked having something unlike anyone else, I don’t know what style that is but it describes me perfectly.  If I was going to keep this set for myself, I would have used a deep blue stain on the top and seats, now that would have been my kind of cool.



20 thoughts on “Dining Table Transformed

    1. Thank you. I think I love the hunt as much as I do restoring them. For me the pieces need to be a solid wood as opposed to the particle board with a veneer on it they sell now-a-days.


  1. Your transformation is amazing! I love the shine on those chairs! Personally, i wouldn’t have used black, just because it doesn’t go with my colour scheme, but it looks really good, you should be proud of yourself.


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