My Sad Little Garden

I was a little overly zealous with my planting of vege’s and they all fought terribly against each other. Who knew plants were so territorial?!?  

The picture above doesn’t look too bad, looks like a nice full plentiful garden planted with love.

The squash literally “squashed” out my Roma tomato plants. When you’re close to the garden, squash really is all you can see and  boy does it taste good!  Even if it is a bit of a garden bully, I’d plant it again and make sure to give it plenty of space.


It’s clearly obvious I planted the onions and carrots way to close together…fail.

Tomatillo anyone?? Holy smokes did these do exceptionally well. I have more than I know what to do with, can’t really complain about that though.

It was a sad summer for the garlic. Here’s the empty grave site where they were suppose to grow.  I later learned that they do not like to compete with other plants; they turned out to be very finicky growers for me. Next year they’re going in a container.

Only two of these sad-looking cucumbers would even try to compete with the yellow squash. They are clearly struggling to hang on. Poor lil” things, guess they like to grow alone too.

I think the butternut squash might just make it. Although the yellow squash is being a bully, butternut is hanging in there!  I keep encouraging it to grow big and strong, I think it appreciates the pep talks.

So in conclusion, I’ve learned the true meaning of the name “squash” as in, give ’em plenty of room or they will squash everything else. This blog will be a handy reference of what not to do with your illegal garden.  Challenge accepted for next year though!  How does your garden grow?


14 thoughts on “My Sad Little Garden

  1. A nice garden. I love gardening, but am sometimes overwhelmed by all the care it requires. At present I live in a flat and have only potted plants. They are easier to mantain, and the greenery they provide is much needed respite from concrete jungle developing all around.

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  2. I have the least green thumb on the planet, but I do have what we call Tomatozilla to match your Tomatillozilla! It’s indestructible. Your garden looks great to me–it looks like you need more room is all, but don’t take gardening advice from me!

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  3. We tried a tomato plant in its own pot this year and put in a basil plant but the tomato quickly bullied the poor guy into oblivion. Fortunately we had another pot with basil and tarragon and those two have shared nicely.

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  4. Gardening is a never-ending learning experience! I’d say you did very well. Squash are, indeed, the biggest space hogs ever!!! We “train” ours to think outside the box. We push them out of the raised beds and let them spread out over the lawn (not the prettiest lawn in the ‘hood! haha).

    Have you been canning your salsa verde? Christmas presents all done in August!

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    1. When I started this, in my mind, I thought everything would grow and be harvested at the same time. Another rookie mistake so imagine my surprise when everything started popping at different times. Not at all how I pictured it. Nothing seems to be growing in harmony like I thought. I seem to only be able to make one batch of salsa at a time


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