Caffeine Addiction

This is an addiction I don’t plan on giving up!  I love my mornin’ coffee.  For some reason it tastes even better early in the morning before anyone else wakes up and all the world is quiet, call me crazy but it does.  My sweet and sassy grand-daughter is leaving today so I’m a little sad about that but she’s so happy to be with her mommy again which makes my heart smile.  Happy Sunday all !!!


14 thoughts on “Caffeine Addiction

    1. I like teas too, more so in the winter when a hot cup held in my hands feels soothing and breathing in the aromas calms me. I’m doing fine, just a little overwhelmed with everything, but all is good 😊. Lots of blessings in my life! Thanks for asking

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  1. I was once a coffee addict many moons ago. I loved it strong and black. It got stronger the older I got. Then about aged 40 it started giving me palpitations. I had to give it up. If I am in the vicinity of roasting beans, I can be seen inhaling the aroma like I need it to breathe!

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    1. That’s sad but I’m glad your taking care of yourself, that’s much more important! I can picture you taking deep breaths with your eyes closed and slowly exhaling…ahhhh


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