Sweet and Sassy


img_1060She is everything good. Pure sweet innocence unburdened by hate. She only knows how to love.  She doesn’t care about how you dress, what you drive or where you live.  She doesn’t care about the color of your skin or who you love.

She is strong-willed, independent, stubborn and opinionated.  She is daring, unafraid and a natural leader.  She was born to make and break the rules not follow or be defined by them.  She smiles and waves at strangers and brings a little sunshine wherever she goes, spreading her joy and goodwill to any and all in her path.

She has a fierce love and loyalty to those she feels safe with.  She will love you, hug you and kiss you with free abandon.  She will read you a story and “cook” you a meal.  She’ll bring you a blanket when your cold and hold your hand.  She’ll dance all night or cuddle til the early morning.  She is eager to help and learn and has a remarkable memory like I’ve never seen before.  She is everything sweet and sassy!

I only hope that the world/people don’t try to change her and force her to conform to what they see as “normal” or right.  I hope she never learns how to hate.

She’s a bit obessed with Sponge Bob and being bare foot
She’s a butterfly…if she’s a butterfly than I’m a butterfly
The darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen filled with wonder and beauty
What good southern girl doesn’t love her sweet tea?!

I’ll be driving 4 1/2 hours to go get her tomorrow, meeting my daughter at the Ohio/Kentucky border.  My daughter thinks I’m doing her a favor by watching this angel but really she’s doing me a favor by letting us spend so much time together.



11 thoughts on “Sweet and Sassy

  1. I feel your joy and your concern. I have thought that whenever any of my grandchildren have reached that age when their personality is emerging and they are so uninhibited. I have a grand-daughter who is so independent, so clever and happy and you can see her soaking everything up. I love this age! Have a great time together 😊

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