What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

From the beginning of time we have been fighting each other because of our differences…in religion, in politics, in personal beliefs. 

It’s become quite maddening. What is the purpose of hating another because they are different?  There is too much hate being taught to our children (yes it is taught to them)…hate the gays, hate transgender, hate the Baptist, hate democrats, hate the rich, hate the poor, hate gun owners, hate non-believers, the list is endless and pointless. The world has become egocentric and arrogant.  Nothing is attained by hating or judging.

It’s backwards and spiraling out of control.  Every week there is a new mass shooting to report or the threat of a terrorist attack.  Do we really want to live like this?  Do we want our children to have to deal with the consequences of our ignorance?  Is there an easy fix? Probably not but sticking our heads in the sand and pretending our “leaders” know what they are doing is becoming futile.

It isn’t just in America, it’s everywhere and linking our arms together and singing God Bless America isn’t gonna work, that’s not the solution.  Education, knowledge, acceptance and compassion are where we need to start.  Most people hate and/or judge what they refuse to understand or they are unable to comprehend because it just doesn’t sit right with their own beliefs.

How about we start teaching forgiveness and acceptance?  Why don’t we teach our children to love someone for their differences or at the very least have some respect for them because of it?  Not only teaching this to our children but practicing it as well.  Little ones will imitate everything they hear or see their caregivers do, whether it’s right or wrong is up to you.  A person’s religion, political or personal beliefs are not contagious but ignorance is.  This is how messed up we have become:

We kill people who kill people because killing someone is wrong.

You can insert whatever negative verb you like in that statement (hate, judge, mock, criticize) but it will still sound ridiculous.  That’s what we teach to our kids though.  There’s a poem by Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D. that goes like this:

 These are the things we need to be teaching our children…tolerance, acceptance, kindness, she had it right.  She wrote this in 1954 and it has been circulating ever since, it’s sage advice and my hope is that more people see it, appreciate it and integrate it.


10 thoughts on “What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

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    This Post has absolutely nothing to do with wine, except that wine can have a calming effect (in moderation) during stressful times. I re-posted this piece from one of my favorite (non-wine) blogger. It says what I feel more eloquently than I could and does so in a way that, at least in my case, up-lifts the spirit and provides an iota of hope that we (all men, women, children and the little creatures in this world) can live together in peace. May it be so.

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