God’s Intervention

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?  How ’bout divine intervention?  Intuition or gut instinct, whatever it is, you have to be able to listen for it.  I think we are placed in someone else’s path for one of two reasons: either they are gonna help us or we are gonna help them.

I woke up late.  I almost never do that.  Typically I’m wide awake by 4:00 am, and it kinda irritates me that I can’t sleep well anymore.  This day I woke up 9:00 am, holy smokes, what happened??  By that time I usually have my grocery shopping and most of the laundry done.  I like to get to the grocery store when they open for a couple of reasons.  Number 1, our Kroger store has a tiny parking lot and it fills up quickly so finding a parking spot is always difficult.  It’s not uncommon to have to park in the adjacent parking lot and hike it over to the store or just circle until someone leaves.  Number 2, I don’t like grocery shopping so I want to get in and out as quickly as possible.

It was 11:00 am before I made it to Kroger that day, so no parking spaces available and the store is crowded.  Great, exactly what I try to avoid!  I’m in the produce section pickin’ up my fresh vege’s for the week and run into a tiny ol’ lady.  I’m short, 5’2″, but she was much shorter than me, the top of her head, maybe, came to the top of my shoulders.  I grabbed my cucumbers and started to leave.  She was trying to reach the cucumbers, they were on the top shelf, and I asked her if she wanted help.  She said very politely, “Yes please”.  I asked her if there was anyone in particular she wanted and she pointed to the one she wanted.  I grabbed it for her and she said thank you.

I went about the rest of my shopping not giving it another thought.  Well I kept running into this little sweetie throughout the store and each time she asked if I could help her reach something up higher than she could reach herself.  Of course, I helped her each time. When I got to the check out line she was already there and she turned around and said, ” I just want to say thank you for all your help today, most people rush right by me without even noticing, maybe because I’m old or maybe they’re just busy.  Often I have to just make do with what I can reach but today I got things I haven’t been able to have in a while.  You’re a good girl, thank you.”

That made me tear up, she hasn’t had a cucumber in who knows how long because she can’t reach it??  What else does she have to go without?  I know, now, why I woke up late that day.  That was God’s intervention, she needed help and I’m glad I was the one who noticed her and got to help her.  It’s sad how we rush through life not noticing others, I’m sure I’ve done it before.  I still think about her, wonder how she’s doing and hope that some day I get to run into her again.  I worry for all the older people who gave their life to raise a family and then that same family just doesn’t have time for them anymore or are made to feel insignificant.

I’ve been told I’m too sensitive and need to toughen up or grow thicker skin and I really hope that I never do.  I believe that kindness should be a lifestyle choice not a random act.


26 thoughts on “God’s Intervention

  1. I totally believe in God’s divine timing, intuition and gut instinct. Without a doubt you were there at that time to help that sweet lady. How many times do we say to ourselves about things happening for a reason or people crossing our life path, sometimes many times. You were there to show kindness and understanding even though you were flustered yourself. It just shows what a little kindness can do.

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  2. Thank you for this… We all need to lift our eyes up and see the world and the beautiful people in it. I think you should suggest to the produce manager about placing the cucumbers a little lower 🙂

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  3. I totally believe in God’s intervention. I struggle a lot with trying to figure out why certain things happen, then, later one, it’s perfectly clear. But I usually spend a lot of effort trying to control everything as well, and if I would just let God be in control, things would work out much easier! I always say to myself, “oh, that’s why this happened or that happened. I see now..”

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  4. Aimee, I love to read your blog. I always feel like you give a part of yourself when you write. Probably because you do. I was also brought up to respect and help others. I find I am probably more blessed helping than the person I helped. Thanks for the reminder to be kind.

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  5. Aimee — I love your blog as it always comes from the heart and often leaves me thinking. This one was no exception.

    Things do happen for a reason, and that reason is that you act on your situation. You mentioned once that your were Catholic, so you know well the concept of free will. I believe that God doesn’t move people around like pawns, but created us to act on our own, achieve, fail and learn. If I didn’t believe this then logically “God made me do it” becomes a two way street and God gets credit for all the bad things I’ve done (plenty) in my life as well as the good (I like to think more good than bad).. This story is about a good (maybe great) person (you) who chooses to give of herself to benefit others, but doesn’t give herself credit for being that good person. Regardless, you are a perceptive and open person who puts yourself out to help other whenever you can (not hard to tell from your blog) to the extent that some may consider you selfless and over sensitive to the plight of others.

    I don’t choose to see you that way and you shouldn’t either. I see you for what you are, an all around good person that cares about others. If that’s selfless and over sensitive, then so be it, It’s a good thing. The world is a better place for people like you where “random acts of kindness” are a way of life and the norm. There should be more of you in this world, but rejoice in yourself (God’s creation with a strong will, a vibrant mind and kindness in her heart).

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    1. That’s very kind of you Robert to say such nice things, I do appreciate it, it means a lot to me.
      Those catechism classes stuck with me and all the teachings and stories of learning the bible. I’m not perfect but I do have a soft heart that I hope never changes.
      Faith, hope, love, kindness and forgiveness- that’s what we were taught. The world could use more of all those things.

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  6. This post made me tear up. From another short little old lady who can’t reach the cucumbers, thank you so much for helping her. There have been so many times when I have tried to get someone, anyone, to help me reach things and no one could be bothered I know exactly how that woman feels about you and your grace. Bless you Aimee.

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  7. That is a very sweet story, Aimee. You were definitely put in her path for a reason, and she in yours for a different reason. They say that practice makes perfect, and being kind requires practice for it to become automatic. Sounds like you’ve been practicing for quite some time!

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  8. I believe in all of those you mentioned… especially the ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I think there should be added ‘if it’s meant to be it will be (all in due time)’.

    I’m pretty sure the lady will remember you as well and mention your kindness to others 🙂

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