Summer Growth

It’s not only my illegal rebel garden that has been growing!  

Not bad for a beginner, although my blueberry plants withered and died.

I may have planted too much in my tiny space of 48 square feet but I’ll just have to expand next year and have more planting space.  The sweet red peppers are looking great and the tomatillos are getting bigger!  I love watching it all grow.

Tomato’s and yellow zucchini, doing well

I might have planted too many carrots, they seem to be taking over the top box.  The Roma tomatoes in the bottom picture look nice but in person they look a little wimpy but my guess is that the squash is sucking up all the nutrients from the dirt.


Re-finished this end table

My husband was not happy I sold this piece I re-finished.  He liked it so much he wanted to keep it.  I really like all the intricate work done on the top and the black paint gives it a fresh update that it desperately needed.

Wardrobe Armoire Rescued

What lady doesn’t need a little Tiffany Blue box in her life!  This one turned out nice too.  I like the simplicity of it.  It originally had a wooden look to it without actually being wood.  I thought of turning it into a book library.  Can you imagine how books I could fit in this with an assortment of shelves added.  It has wheels on the bottom so it easily moves from room to room.

The surprise is inside!
Matching Rockers

These are all ready for the front porch.  One for gramma and one for the littles.  They were originally black but no one seemed to have the least bit of interest in them so I re-finished them into a misty aqua, an ideal color choice for a little girl or boy.  They’re about 75 years old and built solid.  Maybe a seat cushion would add to the appeal??

So my rescued furniture business has been growing as well.  It’s always nice to find something you love that you can make money at, slowly but surely things are going well with it.  I still haven’t gotten to my list of books I wanted to read this summer.  Why do summers always go by so quickly?!?  With parties, weddings, bbq’s, beaches and boating it seems like I’m living in the wrong state, sometimes I hear Florida calling my name.  What’s your favorite summer activity?


16 thoughts on “Summer Growth

  1. Wow you are one busy and productive lady. Loving your fruit and vegetable growing and those rocking chairs are awesome. Summer and wide open spaces, just perfect ☀️ So far, Summer weather is escaping us here if the UK but you’ve just got to sparkle anyway 🌟😎

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  2. Beautiful, love the rockers. I have an old ladder-back rocker that is too small for us to use but it belonged to my gt grandma. She was small in height and frame. I don’t know how old it is but it was given to my dad about 60 years ago and then to me. Actually, there were two of them, my mum said we didn’t have room for both and gave one to her neighbour who promptly chopped it up for firewood!!

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  3. You garden looks great! If you think your carrots are too full you could always thin them and enjoy baby carrots.
    I love your wardrobe! With some shelves and those wheels that would also make a great craft room item for portable storage. And your rocking chairs are perfect. (I am a sucker for rocking chairs).

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  4. So glad your garden and business are growing! I LOVE fresh garden veggies, the tastes of summer are probably one of my favorite things about summer. Second only to twilight. The lightening bugs, the breezes, the lowering sun. Enjoying evenings on the porch is my favorite summer activity.

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    1. Oh I would to have a porch! A big glass of lemonade to go with it. I’m planning on making salsa with all my vege’s and then canning what I have to give out to family. Your summer activity sounds like my kinda summer!! Enjoy

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      1. Great plan! I freeze a lot of our vegetable for soup and sauces in the winter. If you are ever in Missouri, you are welcome to have some lemonade on our porch and talk furniture restoration, gardening, and whatever else we can thing of. 🙂

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