Caffeine Addiction

This is an addiction I don’t plan on giving up!  I love my mornin’ coffee.  For some reason it tastes even better early in the morning before anyone else wakes up and all the world is quiet, call me crazy but it does.  My sweet and sassy grand-daughter is leaving today so I’m a little sad about that but she’s so happy to be with her mommy again which makes my heart smile.  Happy Sunday all !!!

My Doctor’s a Jerk

I still don’t want to believe it but the third test came back positive…again.  I’ve been in denial for some time and it’s really not doing me any good.   Continue reading “My Doctor’s a Jerk”

Sweet and Sassy


img_1060She is everything good. Pure sweet innocence unburdened by hate. Continue reading “Sweet and Sassy”

What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

From the beginning of time we have been fighting each other because of our differences…in religion, in politics, in personal beliefs.  Continue reading “What Are We Teaching Our Kids?”

God’s Intervention

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?  How ’bout divine intervention?  Intuition or gut instinct, whatever it is, you have to be able to listen for it.  I think we are placed in someone else’s path for one of two reasons: either they are gonna help us or we are gonna help them.

I woke up late.  I almost never do that.  Typically I’m wide awake by 4:00 am, and it kinda irritates me that I can’t sleep well anymore.   Continue reading “God’s Intervention”

Summer Growth

It’s not only my illegal rebel garden that has been growing!   Continue reading “Summer Growth”