My Coffee Travels With Me

I don’t know about you but I like to have some comforts of home with me when I travel.  I take my coffee pot and my memory foam pillow with me wherever I go. I haven’t always been a coffee snob (maybe I’m a Java junkie, don’t judge) but I do like to be able to have my own custom blend of joe on the go!

I don’t care for the fancy coffee shops that have popped up all over the country with their over priced black brew and all the extra frillyness they add to it to make it taste like something other than coffee.  I drink my coffee black or with hazelnut creamer, that’s it.  I guess I’m just ol’ fashioned that way, a relic if you will.  Happy Sunday y’all.  I’m driving back home today from Tennessee so wish me well.

She is tall for a 2 yr old, 37″ and I’m 62″  She steals my heart! 

I’ve so enjoyed my time with this kiddo!  She is my favorite place to be.  All of you grandparents out there already know how magical grand kids are and if you’re a parent raising a little one be patient, that’s my only advice…be patient with them.


11 thoughts on “My Coffee Travels With Me

  1. This weekend, we decided not to bring everything we own on a trip (highly unusual). We decided to leave our pillows at home, reasoning that we travel for 5 months of the year without them. Surely, we can do 3 nights in a hotel. WRONG! Biggest pillows ever! Horrible sleep and a kinked neck. My pillow will be going with me wherever possible, once again.

    Fortunately, I’m pretty happy with a cup of tea in the morning, so I toss in a few tea bags, and I’m ready to go. I have a girlfriend who travels with her coffee maker. You are not alone. Comforts of home make a huge difference!

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  2. I am not a coffee drinker but I take my tea with me wherever I go….and my pillow….and my essential oils. You never know when you will need any of those.
    The picture of your granddaughter is adorable! I love her “boots”. And yep grandkids are the best.

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  3. I think a coffee maker and a memory foam pillow is very restrained: whenever I’ve visited anywhere it’s like I’m moving in! Duvet, pillow, tape player (for relaxation tapes), tupperware boxes of salad stuff, home-made muesli, herbal tea! And that’s just for one night 😄

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  4. Its some time din’t see our cute little lady 😙….
    always kids are pampered with their grandparents more than their parents! My mom used to say when I was small kid, I used cry and go with my grandma when she go back. I lost my dearest and most loving grandma 6 months back 😢

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