Rocky Mountain Sunday

img_0897Coffee in the Rocky Mountains?? Why yes I believe I will!  What a wonderful trip with my two sisters, it had been five years since the three of us were together at the same time.  Denver is a place I’ve always wanted to visit and I’m happy I got to experience that with them. Driving up the mountain range was both exciting and terrifying for me.  The roads up were quite narrow and got narrower the farther up we drove and no guard rails.  My anxiety and vertigo a long with the elevation adjustment got the better of me but we keep driving and made it to the top. So very pretty!  I have more pictures on my Facebook feed but these were some of the best ones. Happy Sunday and Happy Fathers Day!!


Absolutely breath taking views every where you look.
This was the drive up to the mountains.  It doesn’t even look real but oh boy was it ever!


We did it! 







18 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Sunday

  1. Mountains are such a grounding element for me. Their beauty and magnitude leave me feeling awed, but home in a way. That’s weird as I’ve never lived in the mountains, but every visit to any mountain range helps me breathe. It’s been too long–now that I’ve read your post and seen your pics, I feel like it’s time to get some elevation.

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