My First Garden

It’s official…I’m a farmer.  I call myself the rebel farmer.  I went against the Home Owners Association and had a little garden put in, kinda makes me feel like a rebel!

img_0769Just don’t tell them and I’ll share my vege’s with ya, shhhh.  My husband did all the hard work of digging out the area, all 48 square feet of it. Yup, I’m incorporating the square foot method of gardening, hoping to produce whats needed for just the two of us. My guess is it will get us through the season and next year I can make adjustments.

Both are 8 feet long by 3 feet wide and in this one I planted 2 tomatillo, 24 carrots, 18 onions, 9 garlic, 24 carrots and 4 sweet red pepper plants.  Should be good right??  Everything needed for some fresh salsa.  I have basil, chives, parsley, and cilantro planted in containers on the front patio.  img_0768I‘m gonna try some butternut squash, cucumbers, zucchini and Roma tomato’s in this one, although I don’t think it will do as well given that all those plants need lots of room.  I may have to put in some type of trellis for them to climb up.  Oh I also put 2 mini blueberry plants in this one too. I love blueberries!

img_0767I had to put a small fence of chicken wire around these plots because we have tons of bunnies all over the place and I didn’t plant quite enough to share with them, maybe next year or not.  Then I noticed the birds were eating all the blueberries so I had to build small cages around those as well.  I have these planted on a slope which should provide good drainage but I’ve noticed it needs water more often.  I’m still learning.  I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out because I’ve heard first year gardens don’t do very well, I don’t know why, that’s just what I heard.  Looks like everything is growin’ just fine to me.  Wish me luck.  Any tips you have would be appreciated!


18 thoughts on “My First Garden

  1. Be sure you weed carefully — we planted a garden several years ago, about the same size as yours, and then had a trip. When we returned, we couldn’t tell the weeds from the veggies. (I’m from Chicago so I have an excuse, a garden there was one tomato plant in a pot!) But, seriously, know what the plants are to look like so that when you weed you know you are pulling up the bad stuff and not the good stuff. So much for the city gardener!

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  2. Well, hello, rebel farmer! Things are looking grand in your corner of the world and I agree with Suze, “screw the HOA”. You are woman, hear you ROAR!!!

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  3. It looks great you rebel you!!! You can definitely grow your cukes zuchini and squash up a trellis. They do not take up near as much room that way and are way easier to pick. Standing upside down to pick them is overrated :). Tomatoes can also be grown against a trellis or in a cage type thing. Keep us posted on how it is going. I am spending the day in my garden trying to get rid of those pesky weeds that keep popping up.

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  4. We have tomatoes in pots and have just sown lettuce and borage and my husband promises me sweetcorn! In the past we have had success with onions and garlic, not so much with potatoes and beetroot, and carrots were all eaten before they got going! We have 3 blueberry plants in tubs that are years old and practically take care of themselves, some years we get a lot of fruit others the birds get there first! We have a small cherry tree, 2 small eating apple trees and a huge cooking apple tree that feeds the neighbouthood through the winter. Happy growing! ☺️

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  5. one thing I found that helped with my square foot gardening was adding flowers between the plants and muching everything. Don’t let much touch the tomato plants ..keep about two inches away from the stalks and all will be well. And add marigolds. just plunk them down between your veggies..the flowers keep away the nasty bugs that eat your stuff and encourage good bugs like praying mantis and ladybirds! good luck, it looks great. and screw the HOA…what do they know?

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