My Coffee Travels With Me

I don’t know about you but I like to have some comforts of home with me when I travel.   Continue reading “My Coffee Travels With Me”

Rocky Mountain Sunday

img_0897Coffee in the Rocky Mountains?? Why yes I believe I will! Continue reading “Rocky Mountain Sunday”

Inner Peace

Is this easy for some people?  What kinda magic do I need to master to make this happen?  Seems like it would be easy to achieve, right??  Outside circumstances and even my own thoughts screw me up on this. Continue reading “Inner Peace”

My First Garden

It’s official…I’m a farmer.  I call myself the rebel farmer.  I went against the Home Owners Association and had a little garden put in, kinda makes me feel like a rebel!

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How to Love a Woman

I hear quite often that men don’t understand women and they don’t know what we want.  It’s not really that difficult, whatever you did in the beginning to win her…just keep doing that.

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Summer as a kid

I was born in 1967, so my childhood was during the ’70’s, what a great time to be a kid!  What I remember most about the first 11 years of my life was bein’ outdoors all summer.

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