Coffee Lovers Only…

Oh the joys of savoring a hot or cold cup of java, mmmmm, mix in a little cream of any flavor you please and travel to a sweet place in your mind of relaxation and peace!  Where is my coffee loving tribe?  .


What is your favorite way to have coffee?  Flavored, black, alone or with company?  Even in the summer I like it hot and fresh first thing in the morning and can switch to icy cold later in the day. Ahhhhhh…


24 thoughts on “Coffee Lovers Only…

  1. I am here. Hiding behind my favorite, giant coffee mug. I have been splurging this first week of summer and enjoying hazelnut creamer in my coffee. I LOVE hazelnut! AND I love hot coffee. I guess I am just kind of nutty. I have never learned to like the iced coffee but I will have a bowl of coffee flavored ice cream with you. That may sound a little silly but I’m ok with it.

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  2. I prefer coffee with my creamer. Lol…yes I like a lot of Irish cream creamer. I recently switched to decaf. My ideal cup coffee is alone in a quite corner of a coffee shop but that rarely happens. It’s normally drank while rushing to get ready to tackle my day!

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  3. My days begin with black coffee with Splenda sweetener. Give me a good three-four sips, and I can feel it coursing through my blood, taking me to a (getting to) happy, awakened state. Until I had children, I was a Diet Coke in the AM person, but it was no match for the sleeplessness of babyhood. Coffee and I became BFFs!

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  4. Well, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of that very first sip of coffee in the morning…I only take mine black, with one teaspoon of sugar, which makes it kind of bitter, but still good. My favourite blend is from a local franchise called Seattle Coffee and Co. – that’s my treat – but on a daily basis I drink Nescafe Alta Rica (which is amazing as far as instant coffee goes – don’t have time for brewed coffee every morning).

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