I’m so guilty of pretending to be fit and pretending to have a fitness schedule.  I mean in my mind…I. am. fit.

The ladies know this struggle is real.

I nod at people jogging by (from my barcolounger) like we share a commonality,  ya know, a little nod, half a smile and the pointed finger wave like we’re jogging buddies.  I almost always get a strange look in return with the furrowed brows and cocked head turn.  They know; they know I’m only fooling myself with my imaginary workout schedule.

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend and we started the, “you workin’ out?” discussion and I was hoping this wasn’t gonna come up as a topic.  I really did my best to avoid it and even tried to blow it off. Oh I have bunnies chasing each other in my backyard, to cute! Sorry I got distracted, anyway my friend who is very fit and active was telling me about the triathlon they were thinking of participating in.  Really, a triathlon, come on!?!  They said the swimming part would be the toughest for them as they don’t have much time to train for it.  The toughest part for me is spelling the word, thank you spell check.

I can’t compete with that.  Where do I go from there?  I can’t even motivate myself to open up the Couch to 5K app I downloaded, I’m so bad.  My sister has done the 21 day fix, several times over, my husband has recently started working out and lost a lot of weight, my neighbors have their yoga and my social news feeds are blasted with the Just Do It, Just Start campaigns that everyone else is doing.  I’m very happy for them all,  I’m a great cheerleader whenever they need cheering!

I’m quickly becoming surrounded by fitness people.  I’m thinkin’ I manifested this somehow with my pretending to be fit and imaginary workouts.  Pretty sure God is sending me a message to get my butt moving.  Ya know how your thoughts become your reality, the think it, do it and be it kind of thoughts?  It’s happening, I gotta do it now.  If my friend calls back and says the triathlon is on for them and asks about my Couch to 5K program, I’m gonna have to be able to say I’ve done it.

Here are my biggest obstacles, other than myself, I haven’t found anything that is fun and I have no coordination or balance.  My clumsiness is dangerous for me and people around me.   Exercise needs to be fun for me to participate in otherwise I’ll get bored rather quickly.  I’ve tried running stairs, treadmills and elliptical machines, all terrible disasters that left me with bruises.  I’ve tried yoga and cardio videos and ending up twisting my knee and throwing my back out.

The one thing I do love is walking, the tripping over nothing messes me up,  but I do love it and it needs to be out in nature where I can observe new and different things each time (and the ground is softer when I fall).  Actually I could use some suggestions on how to be fit, for real this time, and have it be fun.  Please help, what do you do that you enjoy and would be safe for a klutz?


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  1. If I were you I would start with walking because you know that it is what you love. In terms of caloric expenditure (calorie burn) if you walk or run the same distance you will burn the same amount of calories, making walking and running effective training methods. If you feel like walking is getting too boring you can always increase the speed to a power walk and see how that goes! good luck!

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  2. Cheers for the read!
    Getting fit can certainly be a tough when, especially when the factors of daily life get in the way!
    The best way to go, and may not sound very appealing, but start with small goals. You said you love to walk? perhaps start out by getting into the habit of walking everyday, as you become more into your routine, perhaps start change up the duration, intensity, and frequency of walks e.g. doing 3 really longs walks a week at a moderate pace. Depending on how keen you are- try walking with a weighted backpack just to add a bit more of a challenge. It sounds cliche, but start with small goals and work up. Most importantly patience is key, plus tracking your progress! You’ll find this mega rewarding. Too many people want to rush the process of increasing their fitness/losing weight, but in the end results may not be long lasting, as they’ve failed to efficiently ingrain healthy habits into the lifestyle for the long term !

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  3. Hey there, I love the blog. I currently study Sports and Exercise Science and worth with many people to get them back into activities for both health and enjoyment. I was reading one of our comments and noticed that you said that various challenges may be what you were looking for?

    I recently started my blog show casing the development of my mobile health app. It works at many health aspects through a holistic approach of science to help users increase the quality of their life, whatever that may be. It has a daily challenge system integrated within it (based around interests) which I think may be worth looking at 🙂 If you have the chance, I’d love to hear what things you may want to see included in something like that 🙂

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  4. Oh, I love you article and your style of writing!!!! Absolutely agree that a workout should be fun to get you stick to it. Besides, I love walking too! Have you tried trampoline workout or Kangoo Jumps? It could be fun, really! Good luck!

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    1. Thanks. I’ve not tried any of those but I feel like sticking to my routine of pretending to work out is working for me, 😂 haha. I really enjoy walking and randomly throw in something else here and there.


  5. LOL!
    You really made me laugh out loud a few times! I see you have a very positive (and humorous) spirit, so I don’t think it will be that hard for you. If you like walking, try to walk for 5 min, then run for 2. Again, walk 5 min, run 2 min. And try to raise that bar every day.
    And when it comes to clumsiness, it didn’t stop me from getting into fitness (even though I’m a danger for myself and others).
    Great post!

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      1. Hi, I liked reading your post, I had similar difficulties of finding things to do that wouldn’t be boring, and I inderdaad started doing different kind of challenges to keep me interested, and this seems to work! So if you’re anything like me, keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

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  6. I respect you ma’am for trying to be fit. Just go slow, don’t quickly go to the more explosive exercises. One thing we tend to overlook is the “feel good” factor after exercise. Once you get that. You’ll be wanting to workout more. Best of Luck!

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  7. So I’m the friend doing the triathlon (thanks spellcheck!! :)) and the 5k’s and the 10k’s and says she is thinking about the half marathon! BUT…..2 years ago I was soooo in your shoes! I was in the middle of a weight loss journey and needed something in my life. I was very out of shape (even my round was out of round) and was desperate to find something that would move me……I found a boot camp that changed my life. I know that the words “boot camp” sound very scary. But this tribe took me in and accepted me as one of their own. We worked out at our own pace but our coach pushed us each time to do just one more rep, one more burpee, run 5 more minutes…my point is find a tribe that you love and let them guide you!! Good luck!!!!!!!

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    1. Aww I’m so happy you found a good tribe to keep you motivated. And bravo to you for all running you do! Maybe that’s all I really need is to find a good tribe interested in supporting and motivating each other rather than trying to do it alone. Good advice, thanks!


  8. If you simply enjoy being outside then do that more. If you like walking, perhaps set yourself a challenge to walk the virtual distance between two famous landmarks over a long period of time; then set yourself a reward for when you complete it. If walking becomes too easy, find a local hill or country park to make things a little tougher. Good health can be gained simply from regular movement and good eating.
    I love this post. You can see there is a deep motivation but you just seem a little. …paused.

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    1. A little paused…yes! We did change what we eat and it’s nice having fresh vege’s available from my small garden. My arthritis and bad hip make going long distances painful but we are almost always outside whenever the weather permits. I’m considering bike riding which I think may be easier on my joints but still get them moving.

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  9. I’m a little late to the party on this comment, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. I am about 6ft tall, and I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. The funny thing is that I am a personal trainer, and former athlete. I suggest finding a trainer to help you make it fun, and enjoyable. Also, check out fitness blender on you tube. I like to crank up my music, and go for it!! Good luck!

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  10. I feel you, on the delusions of fitness part. I was like that for a loooooong time. There was a time where I hit the gym regularly, but I find that process so boring. I started a pilates class about a year ago, and even though I only went once a week, I could see and feel results. It helps that our class is ladies only and that we are limited to ten per class – the instructor is able to give each person attention, according to their goals and also limitations. Started power-boxing two weeks ago, to supplement the pilates, and also make use of my treadmill on the nights I don’t have a class.
    I think the trick is to find something that works for you, and that you can stick to. I’ll say this though, I might never be able to run a marathon, but I feel good and cope so much better with the stresses of my work and family life.
    Good luck finding something!

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  11. This sounds like a post I could have written! I’m clumsy and afraid of twisting my ankle and falling over in general. I’m a great cheerleader and supportive of others who want to run. I don’t mind the gym machines, but it must take little effort to get there. Perhaps I’ll give swimming another go……

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    1. Oh I’ve heard that swimming is great exercise. I don’t care to be in water because of my fear of drowning (goes way back to when I fell through some ice as a child). But given that you are always in or near water it could be easier for you to give it a try.


  12. I love how you write! 😆 So I too get bored quite easily and have to change it constantly. What about making an upbeat workout dance mix that you blast in your earbuds or your stereo and DANCE the whole time. I do this from time to time for cardio for at least half an hour…

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  13. Being a sedant, I delighted in your posting. Since I am so restricted in my exercise activities (bad knees, bad back), I have graduated to a wheelie-walker. Now here I am, 75, bent over, racing down/up the street with my red Cadillac walker, huffing and puffing–and actually getting a non-painful workout. This, the physical therapist worked out for me. No treadmills (bad feet/ankles), but walker-street walking, or Wal-Mart walking bent over a cart is ok. And it helps. No bicycle, except the recumbent bike in the gym. All other stuff you mentioned? Right on, sister! Forget the yoga! Cardio! Running! Not for me. Just do what feels good. The walker was a psychological adjustment; I got off the couch. Now it’s ok. Keep writing–and sharing! Thanks.

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