The Reason for Memorial Day

I want to take the time to remember all those who gave their life for my freedoms. For all our freedoms.   I want to raise my glass and honor them and their families for what they all sacrificed, it was a great deal…it was their own life.img_0721-1

This may not be everyone, the MIA, the wounded and the broken should be included as well.  They gave their heart, soul and blood for us so let’s give them a toast in appreciation and remembrance.

The very least we can do is to show respect and honor for the lives that were lost.

Revolutionary War – 25,000

War of 1812 – 20,000

Mexican American War – 13,283

Civil War – 625,000

Spanish American War – 2,446

World War I – 116,516

World War II – 405,399

Korean War – 36,516

Vietnam War – 58,209

Desert Storm – 293

Iraq War – 4,489

I tried to get accurate casuality counts for each war listed from History Central and from Military Factory    Please share this with your friends and add to the list so we can remember them all.   Let not one be forgotten.


10 thoughts on “The Reason for Memorial Day

          1. I was in from 1998-2006. 290th Military Police Company out of Parkville, Maryland. I served in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) from 07/2003 – 05/2004. I also served in Operation Noble Eagle from 09/11/01 – 09/30/02. I was at the Pentagon the morning after it was hit.

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          2. Your welcome! I tell people be very thankful for what you have in this country. Seeing others live the way they live will put things in perspective. I’ve seen my share of things and experienced things that I pray no one will have to experience. Because of those experiences I can’t celebrate 4th of July. Fireworks!

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