Little Humans

That little laugh is completely infectious.  The endless energy is mind-boggling.  The unfiltered joy is inspiring and the conversations are hilarious.  How do I make time freeze, just stop and stand still?  I want the hands on the clock to stop ticking so I can spend my afternoons going on imaginary adventures.  Being a parent is truly a blessing but being a grandparent is truly blissful. I could list all the reasons why but then you’d have no surprises left to discover for yourself.

My 2-year-old granddaughter is spending the week with us.  She is the perfect combination of everything sweet and sassy.  I also think she has some kind of mind control over me or maybe a little miniature voodoo doll of me in her back pocket.  She gets me to do things that  defy logic sometimes and I’m sure it leaves my own kids looking on in amazement.  My son has said a few times, “You never did that for us or you never let us do that!”

I remember having great relationships with my kids when they were little, they couldn’t get enough of me and vice versa.  They made me feel invincible!  Right up until they became teenagers, and then I think one or the other and sometimes both may or may not have plotted to have me kidnapped.  What with the puberty, hormonal changes, the fight for independence, mood swings and general lack of concern for anything, (and some of that was me) I’m happy to say that both my children made it out of the teenage phase quite well.  They are both happy, well-adjusted, independent and responsible adults.  They are both my favorites!

When Livi is with me, I want her to know and experience the most divine of everything.  I want her to feel that she is the best thing the world has ever known…you is smart, you is kind, you is important (okay, okay I stole that from the movie The Help).  She is the bridge between 2 families, ’cause that’s what grandkids do.  They meld two completely different families into one.  This one little human brings it all together.  She’s quite powerful,  she’s like a little Jedi.

I can walk into a store with her to get some milk and when we leave I somehow have a tub of building blocks, a baby doll, a spongebob pillow, a giant bouncy ball, a football, every piece of candy in the store, 12 pencils, the super pack of crayons, 42 outfits, 10 pairs of shoes and pink wipstick.  I’m loading my car wondering who bought all this and where was I when it happened, I must have blanked out.  That’s what those big brown eyes and sly smile do to me along with the “Pwetty pwease Nene!”  I’m a goner, how does she do that and how I can learn it?  Her skills are so dynamic they even work on Papa, even he’s been known to fall into her trap!  Happily, I’m sure.

We spend the morning taste testing everything in the house, taking one bite of this or that until all things have tiny teeth marks in them.  We have to open the friditator (the fridge) 9,000 times because it’s a magical place.  We have to climb up and down the stairs 860 times until my legs are like melted rubber.  We have to drink from the green cup because, “I no like the bwue one!”.   We quietly sneak up on the ducks as they waddle away and we  laugh hysterically because, “Thats too funny Nene, wook at duckie waddle waddle!”

This little lady has climbed right into my heart and made it her home.  I want her to always know that she is everything right in the world.  I lovingly adore each sticky kiss and affectionately smile with each fingerprint smudge.  There is no such thing as too many piggy back rides and I’ll pick her up and gently toss her on the bed even after my back starts aching.  I don’t care if there’s fingerpaint on the floor, I want to put a frame around it and proudly show it off as the master piece it is!  When she says, “Nene, get my kisses”, and then runs away giggling with her tiny little hand over her mouth, everything evil in this world disappears.

Being a grandma has taken over every ounce of my being, I am busting at the seams with pride and unconditional love.  This little human has made step and blended family completely cease to exist, my husband is not a step-grandpa, he is Papa and she is just as much his granddaughter as if she were from his own blood line.  She makes being right here and right now so much easier to participate in.  I want her to always remember having fun with me and that she is my ray of sunshine everyday!


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