Letter to Myself

I could’ve made better choices when I was younger but I didn’t and I’m not sure why.  If I could send a letter back to myself it would read something like this:

Dearest Child,

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to love yourself, all of you, exactly as you are.  Your flaws do not define you, they are not who you are.  Those people who criticize you are not your friends, stay away from them because they want to poison your mind with lies.  There is nothing wrong with you, in fact, just the opposite is true.  You are everything right in the world.  You have a creative mind and a beautiful heart.  Your smile can light up a room and brighten someones day.  You have a sensitive soul and that’s okay.  Don’t let others take that from you, do not try to hide your sensitive side.  It brings compassion and understanding to a world that can be cruel.  You can soften that cruel world.

You have some incredible hidden talents that you are unaware of right now.  Explore all things that ignite your curiosity so that you can find them.  Don’t let your fears stand in the way or allow them to fester in your mind.  Tackle fears head on and quickly so they build your self-confidence rather than hinder it. You are so smart and capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.  Believe in yourself even when others don’t, even if it feels like you are the only one who does.

Get yourself into college, somehow and someway, you need to make that happen.  You should allow yourself to travel to different places as well.  It will help open up your world to so many different possibilities that you never knew existed.  It will help build your confidence and self-esteem.  College will help you learn how smart you really are.  College is where you will discover how well you write.  You will gain a better understanding of people and how they think and act.  You will be met with kindness and acceptance, so get into college while you are young, you don’t have to figure it all out right now, just enjoy learning about yourself and who you are.  Become your own person, with your own thoughts and wishes for you.  Listen and trust yourself.

Do not rush love.  Focus on you.  You do not need a partner to complete you.  You are enough as you are.  When love does find you let it be with a person who accepts your flaws and even helps you celebrate them.  Let it be with someone who is in awe and amazement at the uniqueness of you.  Someone who honors you, someone who believes that being with you is the greatest privilege they could have.  Someone with kindness in their heart and the words they speak to you.  Someone who always makes time for you and has you as a priority.  Watch carefully their actions rather than listening to their words, because words can be deceiving and actions are not.

Know that you will always be changing and growing and learning.  It’s a part of who you are and what you enjoy.  You are truly one of a kind and you will make a difference in the lives of the people you connect with.  People will come into your life for one of two reasons, either they are going to help you or you are going to help them, because of that, your circle of friends will always be changing.   Let them go when they want to leave and hug them tighter while they are still there.  And don’t ever lose yourself in what someone else wants, remember to always stay true to yourself.  You are quite dazzling!

Love always,

The grown up you


24 thoughts on “Letter to Myself

  1. This is so beautifully written and so relatable! I feel like this is a letter I wrote to my younger self, and also like something the future me would write to me in the present day (if that makes any sense). I greatly admire your honesty; I often struggle being completely open when I blog.

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    1. Thank you. I don’t often edit what I write. I like to keep it raw, authentic and honest. I’m glad you can admire that, it’s a nice compliment! Maybe from time to time you’ll re read this because sometimes we all need reminders of it. 😄


  2. That’s a beautiful letter. So much wisdom and, yet, so much simplicity. Love and acceptance. Belief. Courage. Love. We don’t really need much more, do we?

    I wonder if I would have believed the advice. I wonder what would have changed. Perhaps it’s not too late.

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  3. Oh how I wish someone had written a letter like this to me when I was a teen….it would have significantly changed the paths I traveled through adulthood. I still would have made mistakes, but I think my choices would have been different. Wonderful blog post!

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  4. A wonderful and a rare letter, dear friend!!

    and a criticizer can be a friend too, maybe he has recognised some flaws in us and wants us to remove that.

    and i loved all the suggestions you gave here. 🙂

    Love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂

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