Morning Rituals

Lately all my morning rituals have been slightly off, with happy disturbances and interruptions to the routine.  My sons wedding, the farmers market opened, an unexpected flea market outing, bridal showers, baby showers and a trip to my moms.  Whewww!  Yup, the weather is warmin’ up and things are happenin’ again!

I can always count on Sparky to want exactly the same thing each and every morning though.  He keeps it simple and makes its easy on me.  He just wants to go out every morning and when he comes back in he heads straight to his feed bowls and after all that exertion he flops down on the couch for his morning nap.

What a face!

The ducks are busy tending to their babies. We have two duck couples down by the creek, one couple has 6 babies and the other couple has 8, that’s a lot of baby duckies.  I think the daddy ducks are starting to trust me a bit more.  I went down there with stale bread, mamma and her babies came over to have a tasty treat while daddy stayed back with a discerning stare, eventually he gave me the go ahead and swam over to welcome me.

Daddy watching over his family
Kinda hard to see the babies…they’re against the bank.

It’s time for me to get back into my own routine with the cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, ironing, mopping, vacuuming, grocery shopping, toilet scrubbing, picker upper of discarded items,  and any other dirty job nobody else wants to do.  My respite from all of that is the tiny bit of gardening I get to do now that’s its warmer.  I so badly wish I could have a garden to lose my thoughts in, to tend over and watch with pride and accomplishment as those little miracles grow into tasty deliciousness.  Plus I kinda like playing in the dirt!

Happy Monday friends!


13 thoughts on “Morning Rituals

  1. Happy Monday! It seems like you enjoy pictures, and what a good job you do too. I like reading your posts. They are very down to earth, and all about your every day. I do hope you get a little respite. We deserve to give ourselves time for that. I always say I have a “tree house,” and go there when I need too. I saw a really cool one the other day while traveling to a meeting. Mine is actually in my head. It’s still worth the occasional visits though!

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    1. Our home owners association won’t let us have a garden. The best I can do is container gardening but it’s just not the same. I have a small flower bed with some of my favorite flowers growing but it’s too small to incorporate vege’s into it. Oh well, I’m making do with what I got😄

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  2. You have a very cute doggie! And the ducklings! Super cute! The weather was warming up here, we had a lovely weekend, but as this is England, it is so unpredictable and it’s colder and cloudy again today. Are those photos of your grandaughter? She’s even more cuter than the ducklings!


    1. Yep, that’s my grand daughter. She is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy! My sister has been to England quite a bit over the past few years and while she loves it, she doesn’t care for the weather. She says it can be cloudy and rainy for days on end. She lives out West here in the States so she’s use to lots and lots of sunshine.

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