Blogging U. Day 1

I’m about 3 days behind on my assignments, so I’m gonna crank them out today to get back on track.  Should be a fun day of blogging!

DAY 1:  I started blogging because I’ve always felt like I wanted to write but didn’t know what genre, form or direction I should take.  I made a promise to myself this year to start somehow someway and investigated many avenues and ended up on WordPress.  I’m glad I did, I have gotten so much support, encouragement and kindness from each and every one of you.  I believe that each of you inspire me to keep going!  Thank you!

I don’t really have any specific topic in mind to write about, as my mind has a tendency to meander aimlessly.  I have too many thoughts in my head to contain it to just one subject.  You’ll find that I write about simple things, daily living, personal thoughts or observations, dreams for my future, my kids and my hobbies.  You won’t find any recipes or cooking advice unless you’re looking for what not to do in the kitchen.  That could be a fun post!  Does my title give you an indication of what to expect or should I tweak it a little?

I would love, love, love to connect with persons who share similar interests as well as those who can open my mind to new things that I never would have thought I would have an interest in.  So basically everyone, I don’t judge.  I’ve read so many different fascinating blogs and personal stories that have touched my heart, made me laugh, cry and wonder.  Articles that have stopped me in my thoughts and pulled me into interesting reads.  There are a lot of interesting people here at WordPress!!

My only desire here is to fulfill my own passion for  writing and hope that I can inspire others to do the same.  I love engaging in conversations in the comment sections and there are some people who I wish I could connect with outside of WordPress.  Everyone here has one thing in common, the desire to write.  I don’t necessarily do many edits on my posts, so what you read is raw and authentic and me!  And I hope you like it.


11 thoughts on “Blogging U. Day 1

  1. You and I have time well spent here on WordPress doing what I like to call: “blog hopping.” I love to blog myself, but I really love hopping to different blogs and getting to know other bloggers here on WordPress. We are fortunate in that WordPress is huge. There are other platforms, but unless we really feel the need, we don’t ever have to leave. I feel blessed to have chosen WordPress.

    I see you’re moving right along personalizing your blog. I suspect you’ll have even more avenues to choose from after Blogging U; which is pretty cool to have offered. I wish you the highest and best as you learn and grow, thrive and blossom.

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  2. Well said! I have no agenda for my Blog. When something pops into my head, I write. I have no intent to make money off of it; so I figure I will write for me and if others find enjoyment in it all the better. It’s a fun world. Like you, I have found so many interesting reads that I never would have encountered without blogging myself. So, keep up the good work and write what interests YOU!

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  3. That’s one of the reasons that I’m still writing. I started it because everyone wanted to see what I was doing on my journeys, but I continued because I enjoyed it.

    Good luck, let’s help each other.

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  4. Congratulations on starting Blogging U. I did it a year ago and got a lot out of it. In part I learned that writing creates stress and tranquility at the same time. The stress; feeling the need to crank something out when I don’t really want to, or have anything to say. The Tranquility; when you get a piece out that really moves you and your readers respond. Enjoy and when your done with this course, reach out and I’ll invite you to an extension that I follow and participate in called “following your features”.

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    1. Hey thanks and I understand about the stress and tranquility. Sometimes I’m not sure what to write about but after I get going something turns up out of no where, or so it seems. I will certainly reach out when finished and thanks!


  5. I feel the same. I keep coming back to the question posed to me “what is your focus?” and I honestly never focus on anything so how can I possible answer that? lol I just write because I want to write. I want a sort of journal my kids can look back on and actually read….I have “met” so many wonderful people here that I never would have met except through this thing we call blogging, and am so grateful for them. Great post.

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