Sometimes I need to stop thinking and turn my mind off and the best way for me to do that is to distract myself with my hobbies (or a couple of beers will work too).  

When I start working on my projects my mind is completely focused on what I’m doing.  I don’t see or hear any distractions around me, I am honed in.  Time slips by so quickly and before ya know it, a few hours have gone by.  There may have been  a couple of times I’ve forgotten to pick up a child from school…whoops!  Dang projects, but look how pretty they turn out!

I made this custom counter top for the laundry room (with my hubby’s help)
Then, of course, I had to change the wall color from green to an off white and add new wall and floor decor

I’ll start a project and then that always seems to lead to something else that needs to be refreshed.  Ya know how you bring in one new item and then everything else seems to look old and dingy??  That happens to me a lot, my husband Scott is a good sport about it, probably ’cause I shop at thrift stores for my finds and not much money is needed.  I save him a ton of money, I swear I do!

Baby Shower Gifts: Rustic wall plague, night-light and ribbon box, all custom-made by me

I love making crafts for babies, holy moly, they are so stinkin’ cute and so are the babies!  My daughters friend is having a little girl in June and she has a rustic themed nursery so this should fit in quite well with the decor for her lil’ angel.

Re-do on the side table, it use to have a brown stain and painted gold flowers on it.  Now it’s perfect for a glass of wine and a book!
1960 Singer Sewing Machine Cabinet Makeover (don’t tell anyone but this is where I keep my coloring books and crayons, shhhh)  I used a flat black paint with silver metallic distressing and then finished it with an antique glaze.  Oh I did the stencil work also.  
Art Deco Waterfall Dresser Transformation, from the ugly brown dresser to this beauty.  I re-stained it to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and add black paint to accent the details.  I loved how this turned out and it sold the first day.


Memory Quilt of Livi’s first year.  This was challenging for me as this was my first attempt at making any type of memory quilt with a full piece of clothing.
I added her name because it just felt like that pink square needed a little something extra

I get a lot of requests from my daughter to make different things and I gladly obliged her.  How can I say no to one of my favorite ladies?!?  Is she spoiled? Noooooo…well maybe just a wee little bit but she has great ideas so we both win.  She’s also very creative, she gets that from me ya know.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dresser.  I painted this flat green with an antique glaze then added the masks which were hand drawn by my husband.
Painted the legs and sides an off white and then used an antique glaze to show off the details

img_0606This is what I do, I create, I rescue and I repurpose.  I have fun doing it and it really helps clear my mind and keeps my thoughts from running wild.  My next project is a narrow bench for the laundry room.  I hate hopping around on one foot while I’m putting on my shoes, I almost always crash into the wall so it’s kinda needed. Do you have any hobbies?


8 thoughts on “Hobbies

  1. You are so talented! I feel like we are kindred souls. I love to lose myself in projects…I just need to direct my energy into doing so more often. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I really think you should live closer to me…….I have a schoolhouse on my yard that is full of things needing repurposing. I have already rescued them and now I need to breathe a little new life into them. Love the the photos of your projects. My husbands keeps asking why I am starting a new hobby. I tell him it all fits under that big umbrella called “crafts”

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  3. Wow! So impressed. I love the waterfall dresser. That is striking and the wood gorgeous. I saw something recently that I HAVE to make. It’s an old Queen Anne chair that someone turned into a Dr. Seuss chair. The tie, some cool tennis shoes and it’s painted to look like the Cat in the Hat. I think your next project should be a really long porch 🙂

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