Coffee Lovers Only…

Oh the joys of savoring a hot or cold cup of java, mmmmm, mix in a little cream of any flavor you please and travel to a sweet place in your mind of relaxation and peace!  Where is my coffee loving tribe?  .


What is your favorite way to have coffee?  Flavored, black, alone or with company?  Even in the summer I like it hot and fresh first thing in the morning and can switch to icy cold later in the day. Ahhhhhh…


I’m so guilty of pretending to be fit and pretending to have a fitness schedule.  I mean in my mind…I. am. fit.

The ladies know this struggle is real.

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The Reason for Memorial Day

I want to take the time to remember all those who gave their life for my freedoms. For all our freedoms.   I want to raise my glass and honor them and their families for what they all sacrificed, it was a great deal…it was their own life.img_0721-1

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Sunday Drives

Did anyone do this as a kid or still do it now?  When my kids were little I would put them in the car and sometimes let them direct where we went. Whenever we came to a stop I would ask them,”Left, right or straight ahead?”  The three of us had fun on our little adventures!


What is considered to be an act of kindness?  I’ve been watching.  I’ve been waiting.  I’ve been observing.  I’m guessing everyone has a different idea or definition on how this should be carried out.   Continue reading “Kindness”

Little Humans

That little laugh is completely infectious.  The endless energy is mind-boggling.  The unfiltered joy is inspiring and the conversations are hilarious.   Continue reading “Little Humans”

Good morning!

We’re off to pick our grand daughter today, so I’m excited to get the day started!  She’ll be spending the week here with us and I have lots of fun in store for her.  Happy Sunday y’all