Cool Things About Aging

Middle age, Over the Hill, On Your Way Out, Golden Years…whatever you want to call it.  What ever stage you’re at, it’s not that bad, as a matter of fact, there’s a lot of cool things about getting older no one tells you about.

Pearls of Wisdom

 I gotta admit, I kinda went into middle age kicking and screaming with just a wee bit of resistance but I’m on the other side now and it’s good.  I mean it’s really really good!  It’s like a secret known only to those who  get to experience it and another club I get to proudly become a member of.  That’s right, I’m proud of becoming older.  I went through a lot of shit to get here, so I don’t plan on squandering any of my time while I’m here in it.


Beauty is wasted on the youthful.  I’m not sure who originally said that and I’m not sure I agree with it but I understand it.  Let’s face it, for some, that’s all they really have going for them, in their youth, is their looks.  They haven’t learned how to be gracious, compassionate, generous or mindful, some have but not to the level of an older person.  With age comes wisdom, I do agree with this whole heartedly.  Also, chances are if you haven’t been diagnosed with some type of mental illness by middle age, you probably never will be, that’s got to be a bonus for some.  (Personally, I have some mild anxiety and OCD tendencies but hugging myself and rocking slowly in the corner usually helps…kidding, I’m just kidding).

So here is my personal list of cool things that happen when you get older:

Happiness:  This has to be number 1, because it’s true.  Happiness is a choice!  A choice that you finally learn as you become older.  You learn that no one and nothing can make you happy except yourself. Just you and you alone.  Stop looking for it somewhere else, look within. (I kinda felt like a female Buddha typing that, it felt good)

Emotionally Sound:  This is divine.  You have learned how to keep emotions in check and reactions under control, at least outwardly.   You know not to make rash decisions in the heat of the moment and not to make a scene in public or on social media.  Your emotional maturity is peaking and a lot of things that bothered you when you were younger just don’t anymore.  How great is that?!?  You gotta love this one.

Fashion:  With age the media doesn’t try to influence decisions regarding looks or fashion, they don’t try because they know  you’re gonna  wear what ever the fluck you want to!  You have more confidence in yourself and your choices of personal style.  You don’t try to fit in anymore and it’s a beautiful thing.  You could care less about whose name is on your ass.  Name brands and over priced mean nothing.

Saying No:  This is so freeing!  Getting older means you don’t feel the need to say yes to everything. Saying no is a necessity and a luxury.  It can, at times, save your sanity.  You can say no to the invitation and not feel bad.  Here’s the freeing part, you don’t even try to come up with an excuses, you just say, nope not happening, then just give a sly smile and walk away while they’re still stunned.  Feels good right??

Slowing Down: Maybe it’s because of your age that makes you want to slow down and enjoy every little morsel more.  Everyday becomes more of a gift so you hug a little tighter and say I love you more often.  You literally stop to smell the roses and take in the scenes.  The wonders all around are more vivid and the only way to enjoy them is to slow it down.     

Grandkids:  Having grown kids is nice, your work is finally complete (mostly) and if you’re lucky enough to have grandkids you already know the purest form of complete joy that ever existed!  How flipping fantastic to just be able to enjoy a child’s presence without the work/responsiblity involved with raising them.  Complete bliss.

Minding your own business:  Getting older means you know your opinion is not necessary on everything and most of the time it’s not really even wanted.  You don’t get yourself involved in gossip, rumors or drama.  In fact, when you see it coming, you turn and run like a zombie is chasing you.  You just don’t have the time or energy it takes for that nonsense.

Liking your own company:  With age you know how to entertain yourself and many times you prefer it over the craziness in the world (see above).  You like yourself again, like you did when you were a kid. You believe in yourself, someone else’s  opinion no longer matters and alone time is peaceful.  You don’t stress over what anyone else is doing because you are so engrossed in your own hobbies.

The coolest thing about getting older is being able to enjoy it.  Worry starts to fade away because you know it doesn’t help.  Material things become less important.  You’re more focused on engaging conversations over idol small talk.  You understand what’s most important in life.  Life is indeed a little sweeter even if your body is a little more creaky.


39 thoughts on “Cool Things About Aging

  1. It is so liberating to stop colouring your hair! I found my first grey hairs in my fringe when I was 18! When I was in my late twenties I had silver streaks from my temples. My brother, knowing full well the answer before he asked it, said ‘have you been getting your hair flashed?’ It was short then and very obvious. When I grew it long, occasionally I would ‘show willing’ and use a bottle of temporary colour but it was a hassle to keep it up and I didn’t like that it made my normally shiny hair dull. So in my 30s I gave up altogether. It’s so much easier to let it happen naturally than to have to go cold turkey in your later years when you either grow concerned about the chemicals or don’t have the money or inclination to keep it going. My sister-in-law recently did it the hard way going from dark to white in a few months as she decided to age gracefully on the birth of her grandson amd had to put up with all the comments along the way. It is one way of learning to say NO! And not feel guilty about it. After that, saying no to other stuff gets easier: No, I don’t want to wear heels that nearly cripple me; No, mascara makes my eyes sore and I like to laugh till I cry without looking like a panda! And no, I may be a grandmother of 7, but I am not ready to don my slippers and shawl. I do, however, often sit in a corner and rock!


    1. That’s awesome! I am now in the process of letting my hair grow out the hard way, naturally. It’s been 5 months since I’ve had my hair highlighted and I have a crown around the top of my head. My natural color is medium brown but I have a lot of silver in the front half. I’ll be glad when it’s grown out, as I’m looking forward to the new me which isn’t new just what I’ve been hiding from. It’s all a part of my process to be more authentic. I believe high heels were made by the devil and I’ve had no problem giving those puppies up! I’m so happy to have met you through this meet and greet!

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      1. I have been supporting The Fawcett Society’s campaign #fawcettfridayflats today in support of the young woman who was dismissed from PwC for refusing to wear heels. Yes, thanks again Niki ☺️


  2. Thank you for the encouragement in this post. I am in the midst of the “rush” phase. 4 Kids at home and my dad has also recently moved in with us because it was becoming lonely and difficult for him living alone (in MI) with all the kids and grandkids on the west coast. Trying to slow down and say no but not having much success yet. I guess in everything there is a season.

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    1. What a wonderful thing taking your dad in so he can be surrounded by love and family! You certainly sound very busy and I hope you have some help with all of that. It’s probably difficult for you to take time for yourself, maybe just incorporate things slowly until they become habit. Best Wishes! And I’m so glad you stopped by, please come back soon.

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  3. Awesome list! Love your brand of humor – slightly off-center (I think mine may be the same) Getting older isn’t so bad. The only downside is having my 83 year old mom keep offering to share her purple shampoo with me so what is left of my original blondish brown will be a “nice” white shade. I keep telling her that I am leaving my hair color up to God.

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    1. I’m glad you get me and see the humor! At least your mom is subtle with her hints and I like your response to her. Every time I see mine, she slaps my butt and says your getting a little heavy (she’s 73 and I weigh 125). And if she remembers she’ll tell me she doesn’t like my hair color, that’s all nothing more just “I don’t like your hair color”. So I just thank her for her disapproval, I mean opinion and change the subject. 😄I guess times must have been harsher on them when they were our ages. Ah well, she keeps me humble😉

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  4. Love this post! I definitely look forward to all the things on this list, but somehow I can’t get over the feeling like I’m running out of time. I have so many things I want to do and with every passing day my time to do them gets shorter!

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    1. I feel the same sometimes! But then I work towards checking things off my bucket list and every day living closer to my ideal. I prioritize it because I know a year from now, if I don’t do anything, I’ll feel worse. But, in the end, it sounds like the worry subsides as much as we get older so we should just chill out about it all, hahaha! 🙂

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  5. So, so true. I just loved your list of truths. There are lots of terrific things about being able to continue to inhabit the planet, there really are. Knees that have quit in you are not among them, but the rest? #nailedit

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  6. in the reign of a monarch:

    Silver Jubilee, a celebration of a 25th anniversary
    Ruby Jubilee, a celebration of a 40th anniversary
    Golden Jubilee, a celebration of a 50th anniversary
    Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of a 60th anniversary
    Platinum Jubilee, a celebration of a 70th or 75th anniversary
    Well, I just had my 75th birthday–and not a piece of platinum in sight. I did have an Italian dinner, though. Oh, I now can HAPPILY be known as an ELDER.

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  7. I love your list……and unlike poor lil Georgie up there I adore my grey hair…of course it probably helps that it is super shiny and thick and white instead of……and saying no is honestly the most fun I can have in a day! I say it to everyone whether I want to do something or not…I may actually be power-drunk on the word No…. Great post

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  8. I’m just transitioning into the “Saying ‘No’ Without Guilt” part of this list. A friend of mine — yes, older and wiser — tutored me in saying ‘no’ recently. And, when I asked her how she did it, she said, “I just tell them, ‘I don’t wanna.'” And, I said, “You can do that?” And, she said, “Yes. Just tell them ‘nope, I don’t wanna.’ What are they going to say to that?”

    And now, here’s your timely reminder that saying “no” (without guilt) is a gift of the aging process. Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. People seem to always expect that we will say yes to any request they have and are stunned when you say no. They’ll get over it. Most people are cool with it and probably envious that you had the courage to say it.


    1. Yeah I could’ve made better choices in my 20’s if I would’ve been smarter. Every decade seems to bring about some kind of major transition for me. I’m just shy of turning 50 and my body seems to be giving me hell about it. Rheumatoid arthritis…just kinda sucks but there are too many other things that are going well to give in to the suckiness of it.


  9. Wow, I wish I was a positive person like you. I really hate getting old, I’m not able to think of many positives at the moment. Apart from grandchildren of course. I hate having to slow down, I hate having grey hair and being unfashionable. Well, why don’t I do something about it then, I hear you say. I don’t know, really. I don’t think I’ve reached my peak of emotional soundness yet!

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    1. Hmmm, I suppose there’s pros and cons with everything. We’re all different and that’s what makes life interesting. With all your yachting to do why would you slow down? There’s a big world out there you have to show those of us that can’t be out in it.

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