Sunday Sunrise

I’m waiting.  Patiently waiting for the sunrise.  It’s 4:25 am, I’ll be waiting for a bit.  Why do I get up this flippin’ early?!?  I don’t purposely do it, I have no alarm set, nothing pressing I need to get done.  My brain is saying sleep, sleep, sleep and my body is saying nah you’re good, get up, let’s go. Fantastic, I put on my soft cuddly blue robe and head downstairs to make some coffee and wait.  I can’t really do anything, everyone else is sleeping, (like I should be), and I don’t want to make any noise to wake them.  So I wait.  It’s so incredibly quiet that I can hear the birds chirping away outside and I don’t have any windows open.  I can’t see them ’cause it’s too flippin’ dark but I can hear them sing.  Beautiful songs they sing as I drink my coffee completely relaxed and happy.  Quietly reading my new book “Guide to Preserving”. I’m going to teach myself how to can foods properly. All my waiting has paid off, it’s 6:30 am and the sun is peeking through now.  Gorgeous.  Happy Sunday!


23 thoughts on “Sunday Sunrise

  1. Do you write in the early morning peace and quiet? I usually can’t do much of anything except basic functions; breathing, one foot then another. The other morning I started tweaking one of my pieces and then I couldn’t stop. It’s frustrating to have to get up so early. Never had the problem until lately. But it is a special time of day for the adventurous and fun seekers. Love your writing Nene 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate that! It means a lot to me. Yes I usually write in the early mornings while I’m waiting for the sun to come up. I’ve always been an early morning person but lately with insomnia visiting I’m an all day and all night kinda person!

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  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love a good sunrise. Unfortunately, when my friends HOT and FLASH visit it is 2 in the morning and way to early for a sunrise. So sad. And yes you can, can outside. I have a stove in my garage. It is wonderful.

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    1. Thanks! When I read the part of “can, can” I instantly thought of those ol’ dancing girls on stage showing off their bloomers waaaay back when. 😳 funny. I’m guessing that would be wonderful too.
      Hmm, a stove in the garage, good idea, probably won’t happen ’cause my husband has too many toys. Btw, your friends hot and flash should be more considerate. It’s rude of them to show up at 2am but then again mine have no concept of time and drop in whenever they feel like it…I want to laugh but you’re right it’s sad.


      1. LOL. laughing is waaay better than crying. I had a neighbor who used to say, “and what can you do?” my husband has lots of toys also but he likes to eat so he moves a few out of the way so I can can (NOT the bloomery dance thing….but maybe not as fun either)

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  3. I love getting up early..and you can preserve foods at the early hour. I do it all the time before it gets to the heat of the day. Honestly there isn’t anything worse than being sweaty while having to stand next to a stove with boiling stuff on it.

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    1. My new friends HOT and FLASH keep me company at the strangest hours so I’m getting use to sweating for no reason. I’m worried about how often they’ll show up this summer.😄. So I should try to take advantage of canning as early as possible when it’s cooler. Maybe I can move my stove front out to the backyard in case they do surprise me. 😜

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  4. A horizon worth waking up early to see, for sure! I hate that I can’t sleep when it seems I most need and want it, but I will also admit that that quiet alone time might just be my favorite time of day.

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