Sunday Coffee

Happy Sunday!  It’s a beautiful day here already and I’m looking forward to spending it outside much like I did yesterday.  

Yesterday’s high was 69 F and I got a sunburn on my arms, geez!  I use to tan beautifully when I was young. Anyway, today will be warmer and I’m hoping we get to take the motorcycle out for a ride later after my husband fixes my jeep.  Here is the lonely chair I sit in while Doing Nothing and this is the view I have while doing just that.

imageThats Sparky, my little pomeranian, he’s a very cool dog!  We had the ducks come up on our patio yesterday, which is really odd, they never do that.  I snapped of photo of them through the window so I didn’t spook them away. (that’s why it looks a little distorted).  I know what some of you are doing on your Sunday funday and I hope that rest of you have fun too!




13 thoughts on “Sunday Coffee

  1. Those ducks look like the lovely couple that float in my pool. I have 3 dogs and they go absolutely bananas inside the house when this happens! They come by at the same time every evening. Because it has been so nice, the dogs have been out and the ducks waddle away.


  2. We had a wonderful day in Michigan on Sunday and I was a complete glutton. After several months of cold gray purgatory, I too sat on the deck ignoring the thoughts of everything I should be doing. I took this day for myself. And I convinced my wife to do that same. I’m such a pusher.

    Still waiting for grandchildren thought 🙂

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  3. Lovely pictures 🙂 And I ❤ that cup 🙂 The weather is turning nice isn't it 🙂 Finally some sun! Though I am sorry you got sunburn.Better you stock up on some sunscreens before summer sets in. It shot up to 80s here and we went on a long drive and even caught some cherry blossoms in all their glory 🙂 I am so loving the spring which came a little late here, though 🙂

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  4. Sparky is adorable and so is that mug. Everyone should have a bumblebee mug like that to start their day. How can you not feel happy with that Billy Bee fellow and Sparky looking back at you? The ducks are a nice bonus, too!

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    1. Ohh that does sound like fun, let me know how it goes. And if my dog would’ve been outside the ducks never would have gotten that close, apparently dogs and ducks just don’t get along.


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