Sunday Coffee

Happy Sunday to ya!  Today is my day of rest before another busy week starts. The best way for me to recharge is to be alone with my books and coffee. To hear the birds whistling outside and the ducks quacking down by the small creek. A day free from distractions.  How do you spend your Sunday’s?



14 thoughts on “Sunday Coffee

  1. I wake up late, put on this shapeless, oversized and wonderfully freeing, faded dress, make a huge breakfast, then commence the binge-watching, book-reading or music-listening! Any knocks at the door are answered with hissing and bared teeth.

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    1. I remember having to work all week and then take care of all the household chores on the weekends. Cleaning, laundry, shopping, vacuuming, mopping. It was the worst way to spend a weekend. I felt like I had two jobs and nobody likes that! Glad to see your new schedule is helping with your Sunday night anxiety. I’ll bet you sleep much better!

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  2. Often my Sundays are spent catching up on bills, cleaning, errands, etc. Today I spent a lighting quick 2.5 hours at my kitchen table talking with a friend. She is crazy smart, and passionate and creative and talented and lots of other things. It was a great diversion from the usual, and I’m so happy it happened.

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    1. Sometimes a great conversation with a friend is so much better than therapy. Sunday is always a favorite day to catch up with others I haven’t spoke to in awhile. Sounds like you have an amazing friend!


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